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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Chaotic Descent View Post
I didn't order from NewEgg.

I've heard with the Korean monitors you can pay a little extra for 0 dead pixel guarantees, and eBay/PayPal would back you up, at least for arrival. I suppose long-term it's not a reliable indicator for quality products, but at least short-term it is. Either way I'm left with the same problem.

Anecdotal evidence is not helping me. I don't know how to ascertain reliable information. I mean, how can I confirm what Dell's service is like? The use agreement says I'm screwed if anything goes wrong. Do they just treat customers better than their user agreement holds them to, because if they were legally required to be that nice customers would take advantage of them? Even so, how can I get a reliable indication of that instead of just relying on hearsay?

Oh well. Regardless of what the situation was, order was canceled and the sale is over. Who knows what the hell I'll do now. Sit on a defective CRT that's giving my eye strain, and a 20 year old PC and a keyboard with sticky keys. (I wonder if the keyboard could be made not horrible by lubricating them. That's really the only problem, I think.)

I'm so fed up with this, I'm about ready to leave the virtual world completely. What have I gained from it after all these years? It's done more harm than good. and now it wants more money from me. People are advising me to drop down a thousand dollars to play games and do 3D modeling and video editing. That amount just seems so obscene. Sure, 3 decades ago you'd pay more and get something that could do much less, but I'm just getting too old, and I haven't gotten any richer. Maybe I should get something as cheap as possible, like a $300 system. I could afford to upgrade it 5 years later and still come out ahead.
Lets look at this from a different light for a second. Since you don't like 'Anecdotal Evidence' and yet are 'trusting' a review posted on an e-tailers site.
How bout you give Dell a call and get their full warranty information sent to you. They have quite possibly some of the best coverage you can get for a Panel. Heck, if you really were that particular I can give you my Reps name right at Dell.
Every panel at work is a Dell. Every laptop at my work is a Dell. Every PC at my work is a Dell (see the theme here?). I pride myself on having very good vendor relations and understanding when and where I am covered on assets for my company. Dell's support be it from a retail perspective to a commercial one is bar none some of the best.

A few people got a defective run of a Panel. It happens. Nothing made by Man is flawless, and there are cases when things have a bad batch (first Gen Xbox anyone?) but the companies back that up by having good coverage with their warranties (and well after, I've had a cousins X-box replaced after warranty expired because it was a known fault). I think, quite possibly, you are looking too deep into this.


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Plus the Ultrasharp's are not run by the same division as the consumer pc division. You phone them you talk to an english as a FIRST language person.
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My System Specs


Never ever EVER go by user reviews... one of the worst power supplies I ever saw (was actually dangerous) had good user reviews on a major etail site... it means nothing..
(and not just a few... 80% of them were positive)

That is why you come to specialist forms with people who know their stuff and ask them..
You have reviewers (and read the reviews... they know what they are talking about) Enthusiast users (and lots of them) and many people who work in IT and deal with allot of this stuff on a daily basis.. As said above by ST, you taking random strangers opinions and word about something but not trusting the people who deal with them every day and also know the competition.

I find it hard to believe that the dell Ultrasharps are bad all the way through a design and they are still making them... Dell is not that silly with this grade of stuff... It would alienate far far too many people.

I reckon someone has bought an IPS panel and expected the best of the best quality display.... But it's a budget ips panel..
It'll blow away any TN panel BUT it's not going to be perfect.. My U2311h has a dark top right corner.. but no-one has ever noticed till I pointed it out.. some people really do expect too much.

Also, why the hell would you buy off newegg when Dell has some of the best service available for these products. Tells you allot about the reviewers.

All that said, the korean monitors are brilliant value(27" 2560x1440 for the price of a 24" 1920x1200).. If it lasts...
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