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FreeKnight March 9, 2013 01:43 PM

Samsung BX2350 for Gaming
Hey Everyone,

I moved into a new place and now my couch is too far from the plasma in the living room to be functional for a PC monitor for gaming, so I'm jumping back to the good ol' tower +monitor setup for gaming in my office.

The monitor I have is a Samsung Syncmaster BX2350 and while it's seemed decent enough for browsing and MS office when hooked up to the laptop, I'm wondering if it holds up decently on the gaming end, or if I should Kijiji it and get a better LED monitor for gaming. I'm suspecting it will be ok, but I know LEDs can be a little screwy for blur and response compared to the plasmas. If anyone has any suggestions for a solid 27" monitor that's good for gaming I'd appreciate the input as well.

Thanks for your thoughts/input!

Edit: I should add 3D isn't important to me at all. If it has it without really changing the price, great, but an extra $100 bucks for a feature I may never use would obviously be a waste.

If possible something Memory Express would be great as I could just pick up in store and not worry about shipping and pickup etc.

I don't have a set price in mind, below $500-600 would be ideal. If there's a real gem of a unit closer to 300-400 that's even better though.

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