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Stang February 1, 2013 05:12 AM

HDMI Issues
Hey Guys,

I am looking for some advice on a solution to my issue. I have a dell U2311H monitor. What I am trying to do is be able to switch the dispaly from my XBOX to the PC and back. I am using an HDMI/DVI adapter to make the connection to the monitor.

I have tried an HDMI switch, but I could not get a signal to go through and be displayed. So, I thought maybe I would try using an extra HDMI cable, leave it hooked to the Monitor, and manually switch from XBOX to PC using an HDMI female/female adapter. Still nothing.

The display registers that something is plugged in, but it still will not display either PC or XBOX. The XBOX will work if it is hooked directly to the monitor. For whatever reason, both the switch, and the adapter are preventing any signal from being transferred straight through. I have verified the switches and cables work with my home theatre system.

Any clue what the hell is happening here ? :doh:



Arinoth February 1, 2013 07:20 AM

I'm fairly certain the xbox 360 need's a source for it's signal before it's turned on, once on swapping back and forth screws with it's auto-detect output 'feature'. Not sure why a switch won't work though you could go with how I solved my issue, which was to use an HDMI capture card in my computer, hook the 360 to it and just use the media software included with the capture card to use my monitor as a TV whenever I use my 360. (I mainly got it so I could use my surround sound system connected to my PC with my 360 but it's nice having everything going to one 'source' and just running the media capture software when I want to play on the 360.)

Dzzope February 2, 2013 01:08 AM

Why not attach the 2 to the monitor and just change the source of the signal through the monitors OSD/Input selection?

WhippWhapp February 2, 2013 05:53 AM

Turn on your Xbox 360 console and hold down the right trigger button and the yellow "Y" button at the same time. Your Xbox 360 will detect the HDMI and reset the display output accordingly.

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