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Old November 21, 2012, 02:06 AM
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I'm not familiar with Asus' return/defect policies, but with Dell Ultrasharps, they're very very tolerant with returns. I've had single dead pixels and they replaced it. They sent me a new monitor first with a prepaid shipping label, and UPS comes and picks it up from your house.

The input lag on both of them seem to be the same, within 1ms of each other. Honestly though, if response time + input lag is important important because you're gaming competitively, you'll want a 120hz TN with as minimal input lag as possible.
I was even considering getting a separate CRT monitor just for gaming, HAH!
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Originally Posted by Kokokrips View Post
One other option could be samsungs super pls if you can live with 23".

Samsung S23a700D

Friend of mine just bought one and is quite happy with it.
It's a TN but it's a good one, though glossy. I have one as a secondary/gaming/console screen.

Originally Posted by a_2008 View Post
Thanks for help

In Prad reviews ,in response time section for u2412 it say:

and for PA248 :

so pa 248 has lower response time than u2412 !

But in other review and coustomer reviews U2412 get 5 stars and Pa248 Get 4 star!

How about input lag ?! which one has lowest?!
The PA248Q has a manufacturing line issue with back-light bleed. Users on another forum have all gotten some or a lot. The U2412M doesn't have this issue. Sometimes the bleeding goes away as the plastics loosen and the pressure that was put on the screen from the packaging is removed, but it won't always go away.

That comparison is done with the Asus set to "TraceFree" at 60 which produces a fair bit of reverse ghosting (ie. white trails on dark moving objects). Trace Free is their overdrive setting. The Dell has overdrive as well, but less than that.

Originally Posted by a_2008 View Post
So if you were me ...you go with Pa248 (in store) or U2412 (order online) ?
U2412M. While Asus has a good return policy, and service depots in the Greater Toronto Area, Dell's return policy is very lenient, and their service is quite good.

In addition these monitors go on sale often for $289 or less. The PA248Q can be found as little as that on NCIX's site but to get the same level of service you need to also buy dead pixel warranty.

The ONLY situation I'd recommend the PA248Q over the Dell is when you are trying to use it with a console like a PS3, as the Dell cannot properly map a 16:9 image to 16:10 without stretching it, while the PA248Q can.

Xeven: How about 10^8.450980400142567e-001 -as a possible replacement for "10e"


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The Dell's are on sale for $289 right now. U2412M
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Thanks 10e
guys do you have experience with benq xl2410T ?! is it worth to buy tn panel?!

The Dell's are on sale for $289 right now. U2412M
Im in canada!
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My System Specs


How about Viewsonic? They seem to have some pretty good 23" models...
Buy the Viewsonic V3D231 23 Class 3D LED Backlit Monitor at TigerDirect.ca
Viewsonic V3D245 23.6IN Widescreen 120HZ 3D Vision LCD Monitor LED 1920x1080 2MS 20M:1 DVI HDMI Spkr
They are 3D models with 120Hz and built-in speakers. They even come ith their own glasses. Bonus!
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