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bliz October 3, 2012 02:22 PM

the best LCD or LED for 250 euros
Hello people!

I have a really old monitor from LG that only allows VGA,and i really want a nice FULL HD monitor,but i only have 250 euros to spend in it, max 260:bleh:,what would you recommend to me?

I know that for this price,i can't expect a 120hz monitor but at least, a 60 hz 2ms GTG would be nice.

Can you tell me what you think about these?

Ecran informatique Samsung C23A550U (3570410)

Ecran informatique Aoc E2343FI LED - E2343FI (3631826)

Ecran informatique Benq GL2750HM LED - GL2750HM (3602672)

If you know better ones for this price, tell me!

Last but not least, a very important thing,will I have a DVI or HDMI cable with those screens?I don't have them with my GTX 570 ,and I forgot how i had my VGA cable for my old screen..

Will i have to buy separate DVI or HDMI?

Thanks for all!

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