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summak October 3, 2012 07:23 AM

Monitor for Video Editing
hello canucks,

I am basically confused between which monitor will be good for video editing, I already have a VA panel monitor. But I am helping my brother to get a monitor that has good colour production. As I have found that PLS is currently on top, followed by IPS than VA, and lastly TN.

I had a TN, and I hated it. Currently Enjoying my VA panel. Ok, so back to the topic. I have selected a few monitors, which of them would be the most optimum choice??

Samsung SyncMaster S24A850DW (pls panel with 1000:1 contrast ration[its dynamic i think])

AOC i2353Ph 23" IPS (Ips panel, 1000:1 contrast ration, cheapest of all)

Dell UltraSharp U2312HM 23 IPS (IPS, 1000:1 contrast ration, i hope everyone knows this one)

Benq 24 inch LED - GW2450HM (VA panel, 5000:1 contrast ration)(i have a same spec monitor, but its 21.5inch)

So out of these, any suggestions??? I am mainly confused between the contrast ratio. And information would be much appreciated.

I am based in India, so pretty much, we might have to import a product if its not available here. :angry2:

Thank You

PS: We are working in only 1080p resolution

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