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Beastylemon September 30, 2011 10:15 AM

Question on surround/eyefinity
I'm planning to go triple screens but I have a few questions for experienced users.
(Money is semi relevant to my decision)

Does the FOV get bigger? e.g 55 turns to 90?
I'm pretty sure it does,

I have done FOV tweaks in games, but it stretches the sides for the angle,
I know this is the same for going triple screens, so..
Are the two monitors just meant for my peripheral vision?

In my n00b understanding, you aren't really supposed to look direct at those screens, they are just to give peripheral vision. Right??

And also, is it worth it? Not money wise, but does it really help?
Or is it really just for bragging and basking in the glory of a 5780x1080 rez.

Arinoth September 30, 2011 10:28 AM

To answer your is it worth it question, it really depends on the type of games you play and if they have support for it. I switched to it when I saw how much more peripheral vision I got when I was playing BC2, which added to the realism as well as we as humans have quite the peripheral view. So for first person shooters is rather helpful, even gives me peripheral views in say tanks and vehicles I'd normally not have. Not every shooter supports it, but namely the ones worth playing do *cough* BF3 vs CoD *cough*.

Another benefit is if you play racing games, as it gives you that added peripheral view you'd have driving a car, allowing me to see sooner when a car is coming up to try to pass me and I can deal with them. With RPGs you get to see more around your character, this may or may not add more to the game for you as with these you only potentially get to see more enemies approaching you from different directions then you normally would.

Some games are optimized for it, while some just give you support for it. An example of optomized would be the HUD and all the important information (such as health in an rpg or ammo in a shooter) is still in the central screen, leaving the side monitors just as peripherals. Games that just give you support I would consider would be those whom stretch out the HUD (properly, so it doesn't look weird) but stores some of the important information on the far screens. This can be quite the pain sometimes as in NFS:Hot Pursuit my speedometer and my maps were on the far left and far right corners of my side screens making it harder to see them.

You also need to realize that you essentially need at least 2 graphics cards, preferably mid to high end range as the higher resolution puts more of a strain on the cards then say 1920 x 1080. Games in where you may get 90 FPS with 2 high end cards may get you 50 or 60 FPS on 6000 (bezel compensated) x 1080.

Going back to money wise, its worth it if you enjoy the extra visual details and don't mind having to keep up with the graphic card refreshes or spending more to get the same frame rates as your single monitor counter parts. Now would I go back to one monitor gaming, hell no, I even hate it when I have to play some games on one monitor. For me, my next "upgrade" will be slightly larger monitors so the fiancee can watch better.

I'd also recommend you going through the official thread I have in my signature and ask any questions in there to some things mentioned that you don't understand, but by all means keep at this thread too.

Beastylemon September 30, 2011 10:37 AM

THanks for the input, and im already reading into your thread :)

BTW what graphics cards do you use?
What rez?
And have any benchmarks for BF3? ^.^

Also another important question i dont know,

#1 - When SLI x 1.5GB cards, does that make the total 3gb? And does my RAM have anything to do with gRAM?

Arinoth September 30, 2011 10:46 AM

It's actually in My System Specs, right under my post amount.

I use dual HD 6970s right now, but have used a assorted amounts due to well being hooked and having the upgrade itch. I game at 6000 x 1080, which is essentiall 1920x3 by 1080, I just have bezel correction which makes my playable resolution that.

I haven't had the chance to play BF3 yet as I did not have early access, was busy all of yesterday and the 2 mins I had to play it, I was stuck in windowed mode which meant no crossfire enabled and horrible frames.

This is a misconception, you do not add up the amount of vRam (video ram) when you have multiple cards. Each card has whatever amount it comes with, it just means you have two cards processing images independently with the amount of onboard memory for it. With lower end cards, such as with just regular sli or crossfire, some people have gotten micro stutter due to the vRam not been large enough and there being a delay between the two cards to update the screen. This doesn't really happen (noticeable to me) with the high end or flagship cards.

Beastylemon September 30, 2011 10:52 AM

So does this mean with my 480 SLI, i only have 1.5GB total?

I have read this from another thread, some guy did some testing and..
"My Surround resolution is a bezel-corrected 5960x1200 (5760x1200 original). I forced 8xQ AA, 8x Supersampling and 16x AF in the nVidia Control Panel"
Crysis 2 (DX11) - 2712MB
Crysis (modded) - 2639MB
Bulletstorm - 2285MB
Metro 2033 - 2117MB
Far Cry 2 - 2051MB
Crysis 2 (DX9) - 2011MB
Wings of Prey - 1952MB
Batman: Arkham Asylum - 1926MB
Splinter Cell: Conviction - 1892MB
Grand Theft Auto IV (modded) - 1759MB
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - 1731MB
Red Faction: Guerrilla - 1431MB
TrackMania United Forever - 1316MB
Just Cause 2 - 1289MB
Dead Space 2 - 1121MB
Dirt 2 - 1103MB
Amnesia: The Dark Descent - 1012MB
Mafia II - 878MB

Would I not be able to play BFBC2?
Would i have to buy a GPU with more vRAM?


Arinoth September 30, 2011 11:04 AM

Yes, it means you would have only 1.5GB per card. There is no real need to play with 8QXAA, 8x Supersampling or 16xAF all the time or for every game. It a lot of the time improves the graphics so minutely that its hardly noticeably, moreso for bragging rights and benchmarking then for actual gaming. I rarely crank all those all the way up because it just eats frames per second and doesn't give me that much visual improvement.

Beastylemon September 30, 2011 11:08 AM

I'm confused about the 'per card'.

Does that mean 1.5GB for my 2 monitors, and then 1.5GB for my last monitor?

(since 2 screens for 1st gpu, and 1 screen for 2nc gpu?)

Oh i got it.. just googled.. that makes sence :P

sigh.. i'll stick to 1 monitor for now :'(

I have negative vram for new games e.g crysis 2 dx11
and i wanted to do it with BF3.. sigh..

Ill just buy the GTX600 cards next year >.< SO FAR!!

Arinoth September 30, 2011 11:35 AM

It's split across three monitors, not sure entirely how they balance it but they do.

You wouldn't have negative vRam, people with 2 570s, that have 1.5GB of vRam, or even 460s with even less have been playing these games just fine. The catch with surround/eyefinity is that you will never really be able to play the latest and greatest games and full cranked settings without getting less frames then a single monitor gamer, just the load.

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