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Asad_A203 May 6, 2011 03:49 AM

Eyefinity setup or U2711?
Hey guys,

So I currently have a triple monitor setup with 2*2209WA and a 19" Samsung 941BW. I am seeking to move my Samsung as a non-essential display off to the side (joint duty between my laptop and possibly my desktop), and getting a proper third IPS display.

I have been considering a 2209WA to complete an eyefinity setup AND buying a 32" 1080p IPS panel TV (Panasonic U22) to mount nearby for watching HD movies and playing on the Xbox 360. The problem of course is acquiring another 2209WA as I can't seem to find them for sale at Dell anymore (and at the price I paid for my other two, around $170). I am perfectly happy with the color accuracy and the performance of a 2209WA otherwise.

I also can't downgrade to 3*U2311H or U2211H as I need the specific benefits that are only offered on the U2410/U27/U30/2209WA. My only option to replace these displays would be going with three U2410s, but that would cost $1500 and I wouldn't be able to get a TV mounted and would still suffer from the piss poor CR offered by the U2410.

The other option is to get a single U2711 mounted in between my two 2209WAs. The CR on the U2711H is excellent and I wouldn't mind viewing movies off of it. It also is an excellent display and I can see the added benefit of a 2560X1440 resolution. The only issue then is I don't think I can do a eyefinity setup with my two 2209WAs. I guess doing a triple monitor display would entail running the u2711 at 1680X1050 which I assume would look awful and a waste of that excellent display.

So what do you guys recommend or do you guys know where I can source a 2209WA?


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