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dustin1706 January 23, 2011 04:24 PM

Reccomendations for a new 50" ish HDTV?
I am moving this week and will be looking for a new TV to replace my 42" Sony Bravia 1080i. The only reason I bought this TV 4 years ago is because I got a wicked deal on it. my biggest Beefs are that 1080i looks kinda... well, not somewhere between ghosting and choppy when playing Blu Rays. Also, there is only 1 HDMI input... I use my TV for a combination of TV shows, Blu ray movies, Sports, and Xbox 360.

I am looking in the 50" (ish) range and want some serious picture quality with 3D (though I'm sure I'll barely use it)

I was considering the Samsung UN55C9000 when I saw it on sale for $3000 in the USA, but the few places that have it in Canada are selling it for $6000 to $7000.... No way I'm paying that much for a TV. I don't really want to ship one from the States either, as the shipping is expensive and I don't want to risk damage.

I'm now leaning towards the Sony Bravia HX909 (sale 2999) and NX810 (sale 2499), which seem to be very similar. The only real difference I see is that the 909 has "Intelligent dynamic LED backlighting", and the 810 is 55" instaed of 52".

Anyone tried these TVs or have any other recommendations for me?

I don't really have a chance to check out the TV's in person until I go to buy one. since Edmonton is the nearest big city and it's a 2.5 hr drive.

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