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biff May 2, 2010 09:09 PM

Starting TV shopping a little early
So I'm moving in a month and my present 42" LCD is slated to get put in the family room... eventually. BUT I'd like to be in a position to jump should the opportunity present itself soon. The wife wants $5k for window coverings, so the way I see it I'm not out of line for wanting a new TV then am I?

So, what I'm looking for:
- looking in the 52"+ or so range
- TV is going in the basement so it won't be fighting a lot of light from any large windows
- I'd like to get away with $2k after tax
- don't care about it's audio capabilities
- black blacks are important to me, as well as motion blur during fast moving scenes. I don't like blury/jittery hockey players.
- AFAIK I'll only need 2 HDMI ports, maybe three if I at some point add a gaming system like a Wii or something but I can't see that happening
- not a fan of dynamic contrast, and usually turn it off

In my little bit of research I've come across this. Limited reviews I've found say picture is pretty amazing, but audio isn't great and backwards compatibility is zilch. But I'm OK with the later two. Any other suggestions on models I should be looking at?

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