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Old December 23, 2009, 06:15 PM
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Default Samsung XL2370

Hey everyone.

Just wondering if anybody has heard anything about either of the new LED backlight LCD monitors from Samsung.

I was in Futureshop today and saw the 23" XL2370 on display and it is a very nice looking monitor. The colors looked very excellent, the monitor is super thin very nice looking, appears to be 1080p and 2ms.

I am very interested in this monitor but cannot find any reviews online only links to different websites selling the monitor or listing the specifications!

Any thoughts?

Samsung 23" XL2370 Future Shop: Computers: Monitors: Samsung 23" Widescreen LED Monitor With 2ms Response Time (XL2370) - Black - Future Shop Exclusive

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Old December 25, 2009, 07:07 PM
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Too pricey man. LED is great but still a TN.
I would suggest to get the samsung 120hz monitor on sale right now at NCIX
NCIX.com - Buy Samsung 2233RZ 22IN 120HZ 3D Ready Widescreen LCD Monitor Black 1680X1050 20000:1DC DVI-D - 2233RZ In Canada.
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Old July 30, 2010, 11:25 PM
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My System Specs


Still a TN but a very decent LCD for games. Right now you are stuck with TN or you can go for a better panel and ghosting. There is a compromise you have to take between professional graphics and decent gaming response.

I have an XL2370, made the move and I am impressed ! But don't rely on the display at FutureShop, the set needs some tweaking, because by default it's set way too bright - With the right adjustments you can get decent results and prolong the life of the LEDs. I dunno why Samsung set the bright and contrast at 100! lol. I have mine set all the way down to 20 and it is bright even to watch movies and play games. It has variable response rate adjustment, for normal surfing I set it to normal, saves on energy too. For gaming you can set it to fastest for best results, and this one does a good job I could not notice any artifacts or distortions in the fastest response mode. I am using magictune so I can fully control my monitor using the onscreen controls as the "touch" sensor on the monitor is VERY awkward and sometimes non responsive.

I use the DVI Digital connection of course, strongly advised not to use analog connections at all. It has HDMI and a headphone jack out (when used with HDMI and audio)

Decent colours compared to other monitors and for a TN panel not bad, not perfect, but for most people they will love it. Of course a bit of a disappointment on black levels, of course at this price range we are talking about edge LED, so there is some slightly visible clouding and bleed you can notice at the bottom of the screen - not bad enough to be annoying as you probably won't be staring at a blank screen, and will not notice this as you are gaming or using your everyday applications. Colour and brightness uniformity is good. Response is great, in terms of input lag, it was very decent to nearly unnoticed, however, at default settings ghosting is noticeable you can see this while moving your mouse pointer and scrolling text. Using the fastest response mode it is significantly reduced although can still be visible. When watching movies or playing games however, it is much less visible and very VERY decent as your eye blends in with the action and movement. It can be most noticeable when you have a small area of your screen moving and everything is still.

The controls are good you can tweak the R G B components manually or choose from many presets, some will prefer WARM colours better than the default COOL which can have a slightly blueish tint.

Really impressed with the monitor it is VERY slim and the image is amazing for both pictures, movies and games.


* Wobbly base, this is to be expected but you get used to it. Limited range of movement and tilt. Absolutely poor viewing angles, again to be expected from a TN panel.
* Limited colour gamut despite the claims made on LED providing wider colour gamut. There is not much difference compared to CFL.
* Unresponsive / annoying touch sense screen controls at the front.
* Dynamic Contrast Ratio is a big HYPE, it works best for some scenes, but if you have a very dark scene and partially lit objects, the entire screen will go completely pitch black. This option is useless when you have edge leds and all of them are dimmed at once as opposed to individual sections being controlled on more expensive LED monitors.
* black levels on full screen black or when the majority of the screen is black or on movies dark scenes tends towards grey and while disappointing, not surprising. You will get used to this however and it is not a problem when you have dark areas surrounded by very high contrast and bright objects, the blacks will look true blacks.

Compared to my old Samsung CRT SyncMaster 753DF, when I tested them side by side and calibrated, the LCD came very close in colour reproduction, to the naked eye the differences are so tiny, majority of people will not notice, and the advantages of the LCD panel will quickly be seen in terms of FOCUS / sharpness uniformity.

I set the sharpness to 100 on this panel, this helps compensate things. Be careful when using non native resolutions, don't expect a high quality scaler on a monitor in that low-end price range, however with tweaked controls I manage to get more than decent results when viewing at a fair distance, was still impressed at the performance and quality outside native resolution down to 1024x768.

I was impressed with the white levels, and colour gradations, compared to other non LED LCD monitors, where you would notice "breaks" and banding, this one provided me with smooth gradations and decent results, and after tweaking my settings did not notice any annoying banding or green tinge in greyscale tests. Of course keep in mind this panel produces 6bit colors it's to be expected on a TN panel and with response rates that low. When viewing moving scenes or gaming you will never pay attention to this and from what I see the monitor does a fine job dithering without leaving visible distortions or artifacts unless you are using a still gradiant and stick your face on the LCD and stare at it and focus on it.
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