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Kilauea June 30, 2009 05:57 AM

Monitor advice needed

I recently built a new rig (check sig) and I want to buy a new monitor. I am currently using a 19" cheapo CRT. I know I should be getting some quality LCD screen as it will last me a while. I also want a 16:10 monitor. I would prefer a 24", but here is where my interogations start. I am not rushed to buy it, but would probably like to have it done by the end of the summer (I am open to waiting for sales).

What I do with my computer is basic tasks such as surfing the web or office work, as well as some gaming. I would prefer to have a DVI connection since I don't really want to be using the DVI to HDMI adapter. I also don't know an aweful lot about TN and IPS, just the basic, so if someone would like to go a bit more in details, it would be appreciated.

I am not someone who likes to upgrade or to buy frequently, so I am looking towards the future.

Budget, I was almost forgetting about that one. Its not unlimited, but its not totally limited. I would like something in the 300-350 price range, but I am open to spend more for something that will last and that will be good (basicly good value/price)

Here are a few choices:

Dell 2209WA: I know its an IPS, a very good monitor, at that price its too pricy considering its a 22" tho. I am also wondering if its worth considering to go 22" based on what I got and what I want.

Dell 2408WFP: I think its also an IPS, I hear a bit less hype about this one than the 2209, but it may be due to the price. Its quite a bit pricier, but its 24" meaning that its very likely that I would not have to upgrade in the long term future.

Samsung T240: I know its a TN panel, but I read somewhere (forgot where) some good things about it. I like less the stand for it as it seems less stable and its a bit harder to adjust, but its an option nonetheless.

My father just bought an HP w2408h which I will probably try on my computer to see the difference, but on his for work, it looks fine to me.

So, looking for advice on monitors, but not limited to any of these.

b1lk1 June 30, 2009 07:35 AM

If I was going to get a 24" TN panel I would look for a Samsung 245B or 245BW. I have had a few and they are possible the best TN panels I have ever owned. Otherwise, the 2209WA is the best entry level and possibly the lowest priced IPS panel. The 2408 is also a great monitor and worth the extra. Your budget is the whole factor here.

ipaine June 30, 2009 07:47 AM

Yea, budget is mostly what matters here. I know that if I could afford it I would go with the Dell 2408 you mentioned.

It is a really nice monitor and it does have all of the inputs you could hope for so you are covered for many years that way. Plus I do like the warranty that they offer.

Thund3rball June 30, 2009 08:44 AM

The 2408 from Dell is not IPS it's a S-PVA made by Samsung. PVA panels typically have good colour reproduction, not as good as IPS but better than TN. Some find that *VA panels produce more than acceptable ghosting, this can be a problem with games and movies, but others don't mind so it really depends on what you are seeing as well as the screen itself. I had a friend go through like 6 2407s before he settled on one he found acceptable, but he is a pretty picky monitor user.

If the 2209WA goes on sale again I would say that is the best price/performance screen you are going to get. It is an e-IPS panel made by LG. IPS gives fantastic colour reproduction but while playing games you do get more screen tearing than with faster response screens like TN panels. But usually that is easily fixed with either enabling vsync or using triple buffering. However if you have your heart set on a 24" at 1920x1200 it might not feed your need. ;)

b1lk1 June 30, 2009 09:12 AM

I am still using my original 2407 and other than failing UBS ports I still love this thing..........

Chilly June 30, 2009 10:21 AM

I highly recommend you go with an IPS based monitor, you will not regret it. If you want to go 24" and IPS, you should take a strong good look at the HP LP2475w, its an H-IPS based monitor, which is MUCH superior than both S-IPS and e-IPS.

Not only that, but its currently CHEAPER than the 24" Dell(which is S-PVA) at newegg.ca.

Newegg.ca - HP LP2475w Black-Silver 24" 6 ms (GTG); 12ms HDMI Widescreen LCD Monitor 400 cd/m2 1000:1 - LCD Monitors

A superior monitor at a great price, you can't go wrong! :thumb:

Kilauea June 30, 2009 11:26 AM

Thanks a lot for the good info up to now.

What are the avantages/disadvantages of S-PVA compared to TN ? Better color reproduction ? And compared to IPS ?

That HP LP2475w looks good, but while my budget is quite flexible, I am defintiively not ready to spend 500+ $ for my monitor, probably that my maximum would be 425$.

I am not entirely set on a 24" monitor, but let's say that its a very attactive factor and something which really makes me go towards TN, since I doubt any IPS would fit in my budget at that size.

Also, I can't seem to find the Samsung 245B or 245BW available anywhere.

DarKStar June 30, 2009 11:50 AM

Wow - this HP monitor looks great - That H-IPS would blow away the Dell's e-IPS anytime - Very impressive reviews - 400cd/m2 / 1000:1 contrast, 96% color gammut, amazing viewing angles, high quality scaling outside native resolution (now that's something very attractive !) Actually the true specs are 6ms GTG, 16ms typical - this looks like a professional monitor, but for gaming and high movement scenes you would notice ghosting.... I'd gladly spend $500 on this monitor - I think i'll go check one out on display and see how much ghosting is present.....One site gives it a perfect 100% review LOL while on newegg reviews people complain about colors being too saturated, greenish and red, and not being able to fully get rid of that despite adjusting colors.

Thund3rball June 30, 2009 11:52 AM

There's lot's of info on the web. Basically...

IPS > *VA > TN

TN Film, MVA, PVA and IPS Which one's for you?

Thund3rball June 30, 2009 11:53 AM

@ Darkstar

16ms is what my 2007WFP is. No ghosting, but severe tearing in some FPS games. vsync or triplebuffering does the trick to cure it though.

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