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Zelzubub April 15, 2009 12:38 PM

T220 vs T220P
Hey all,

I recently ordered 2 samsung T220's from Compu2000. Order was lightning fast, placed it on sunday night and they were at my door on tuesday afternoon ( a couple hours and a ferry ride away, NCIX takes over a full week to process and ship here). They both look and perform great but I just noticed now that ones a T220 and ones a T220P. The only difference I can tell is that the T220 has a 20000:1 contrast ratio and the T220P has a 50000:1. They both came in T220 boxes, which have the same specs. Anyone think its worth sending the T220P back to have 2 T220's? Cant really noticed a difference looking at the pictures, but I havent tried gaming on the T220P as the T220 is my main monitor. Did a quick google but didnt turn up any obvious differences other then the T220P could be an older model.

Edit: found this link :Roundup: Touch of Color Monitor Series from Samsung (page 7) - X-bit labs with some info, but wouldnt mind a couple opinions.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Spaceman-Spiff April 15, 2009 01:15 PM

If you can't notice the difference, why bother.

Btw, the larger the contrast ratio is, the better.

Correct me if I'm wrong, as far as I know the P model is not currently sold in Canada, so maybe Samsung puts it in the wrong box?

AkG April 15, 2009 01:25 PM

IIRC the biggest dif is the P model is 1920x1200 and not 1680 x 1050. I.e. smaller pixels, and full HD support. If I was you I send back the T220...and order 'nother one. Maybe you will get lucky and get another t220p. I truly doubt you will notice 2ms vs 5ms speed dif, but you will notice the dif in resolution ;)

Zelzubub April 16, 2009 12:50 AM

Thanks for the replies guys, guess I lucked out after all. It has to be samsung's screw up because the boxes and instruction sheets are identical. Guess Ill slide the T220P over to the main position. Super happy with the monitors though... it makes for a helluva landscape across these badboys. At first I thought I might have gone overboard with 2 22's when I pulled them out of the boxes but they rock, and the GTX 280 powers them np.

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