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Old March 19, 2009, 05:23 AM
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Default matroxtripplehead2go

hi i have just recived a matroxtripleheadg2go digital from flight sim shop usa and i must say that its the best for fsx flyers but i can only get it to open up three screens if i am in fsx directx10, if i enable d-x10 only the center screen comes up, matrox says thats not there doing its the game(fsx) which makes sense but what if i did not have a d-x10 card and vista on board as others do,nt .other flyers are using matrox2go and only have xp2 so it must be the software that it came with and mabey i need to download the latest drivers,but i will share this with you before i bought this device i used to get 15-20fps on fsx on meduim settings if i tried to max all the settings it would go down to 3-4fps and then freeze now i can get between 55-70pfs via the matrox system and i put it down to the hdi cable that came with the matroxtriplehead between pc and splitter box (matrox)
with all the settings graphics/traffic/scerery on max i can still get 20-25fps
my flying experence has changed dramaticly and if you look at my set up not special -gigabye sli560 m.board/E6550 cpu/msi8800gt card/4 gb ram/500gb hard drive/vista 32
rob -capetown south africa
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Old March 19, 2009, 09:05 PM
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Hi oldbob and welcome to the forum! I'm sorry for not noticing your post at first, but I'll be glad to help in any way I can since I'm one of the few other Matrox TH2Go users here (and probably the only one that works for them too, lol). Your issue may be related to how your Triplehead2Go is being detected in Vista. Please try following the steps in this link: Matrox Graphics - Support - TripleHead2Go Digital Edition - Widescreen Resolutions (Troubleshooting) in order to replace the .inf file so that the TH2Go is properly detected instead of being believed to be a "Default monitor". Let me know if/how well it works!
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