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crispex March 16, 2009 08:03 PM

God-Like 30"
Or is it?

My choice for a new build is an LG W3000H-Bn, 30", 5ms.

It sounds good, looks good, and from all I've heard, it is good. Costs ~$1100 USD.

I would like to know anything that any of you know about it so that I can make a good choice in monitors. It is the most expensive single piece of what I'm planning, so I have to be careful.

I can't really get one any bigger because of space restrictions, and because I don't really want anything bigger (I think). I don't want anything smaller, either. :biggrin:

Any suggestion or bit of advice is absolutely welcome.

rjbarker March 16, 2009 08:16 PM

You could very well be sacrificing large monitor for poor Framerates and fluidity...I still don't think 30" monitors are quite in line with todays Hardware for top notch gaming. Perhaps 3 x 285 Tri Sli would do it...Google it and check out what framerates folks are getting on those monsters

Thund3rball March 16, 2009 08:17 PM

The W3000 & W3000P are both S-IPS. I would think this one is too. Likely it's on par with Dell's 30" for colour, since they are LGs too. Good price. A nice piece of screen there. :thumb:

-n7- March 16, 2009 10:07 PM

It's IPS, so it automatically gets a thumbs up from me.

No scaler, so no input lag issues.

Response time (actual, not artificial rated ms) is never an issue for those panels, so it'll be good for gaming as well as whatever else you have in mind.

I don't understand the nonsense about needing a $1000 video card setup to power things on there.

I've run my 30" Dell with an X1900 XT, 8800 GTX, & now GTX 280 quite fine.

Sure, for some of the more demanding games out there, i might have to turn down a setting or two, or for crap-running stuff like Crysis you can always drop a resolution lower & run 1:1 pixel mapped if you cannot stand to lower game IQ.

It'll be well worth it.

Oh, & here's the link to benches i did of games on my 30" with a 8800 GTX/GTX 260/280.

Cptn Vortex March 16, 2009 10:22 PM

I'd have an Eizo if I had the cash 30" Eizo ColorEdge CG301W Widescreen LCD Monitor, 2560 x 1600, 6ms/12ms, 850:1, Black (CG301W-BK) in Canada - Fast Shipping 1.866.800.8060

Thund3rball March 16, 2009 10:32 PM

Our everyday low price of $7422! :bananafunky:

Jmac March 16, 2009 10:33 PM

A lot of people seem to have backlight and banding issues with those LG 30 inchers ... Futureshop was selling it, but it appears they've taken it off their site. When I was researching 30" monitors earlier this year, this one caught my eye because of the price and panel, but I was put off by the number of complaints about it. Actually, the local store had a pair on display in Nanaimo and one of them did have a noticable banding issue (the other one looked perfect).

Squeetard March 16, 2009 10:36 PM


Originally Posted by Thund3rball (Post 164868)
Our everyday low price of $7422! :bananafunky:

But shipping is only $10!

Cptn Vortex March 16, 2009 10:37 PM

Heehehe, never seen one open yet, but I want to Real bad. There's gotta be SOME reason they are $7500....

Squeetard March 16, 2009 10:39 PM

My step bro is a professional photographer. He has a 22" Eizo panel. Cost him $2500 a year ago when you could get a 22" high end for $400.

I can stare at as long as i want and can't see the difference.

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