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Old May 19, 2008, 02:05 PM
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the 1st batch of 65nm had trouble they are now all fixed except if the buy that AMD cpu thats collecting dust for age in the store
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Originally Posted by tzetsin View Post
I'll be honest with you dude, i've got alot of experience with tweeking old systems and i think that her backup computer could probly perform as well as the computer your planning to build for basic tasks like web browsing and office apps. there is absolutely NO need for a multi core cpu for those tasks, you're acutally going to be downgrading by swapping out a 2.66 for a 2ghz c2d. I'd put money down that a fresh install of windows and a few services tweeks would turn the old computer into an web browsing email slinging, word writing wonder machine.
I've got an old amd @ 800 mhz and 512 of ram running windows xp and you cant tell the difference between it and my dual core laptop when browsing the web.

Give the old celly a little tlc and i think the old girl will surprise you
I've tried that already. I did a full fresh install of windows and the system is still extremely unresponsive. It might be the cheap $60 ASrock mobo/DDR1 ram that is hampering performance though. I think a proc with more cache will help a lot, but I might as well get new a new mobo and some ddr2 at the same time. I'll just turn the celeron system into a linux box.

I'm a little unsure again as to which proc to get. Does anyone know how the athlon x2 4600+ compares to the intel e4600?
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