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Originally Posted by Sagath View Post
Bingo. I'm a MSI fanboi for their RMA support. I've returned 4 different hardware RMA's for myself and friends, and its been fast, and efficient. Local Markham depot for us Ontario peeps is a huge plus.

I've got a MSI mobo and GPU, and I dont see myself changing that for a while. I said the same thing about ASUS up to the Q6600 days. My timeline for switching looks like this, with reasons:

Asus fanboi: pre-Q6600 to i7 920 days. Mobo and GPU. Left due to quick EOL on driver/bios support

EVGA Fanboi: Mobo for the 920 and GPU up to GTX460. Left them for all the right reasons: Long RMA times, warranty changes from lifetime to 3 year, changes in step-up program, Quality of product dropping

Gigabyte: 2600k days. GPU was ASUS simply because of local RMA possibilities. Horrible, HORRIBLE RMA experiences with GB. Actually took a loss on a RMA by buying a new board and totally ditching the Gigabyte in the closet, and I was happy about it.

MSI: 2600k-Present. GPU/Mobo. Happy as Sarah Jessica Parker in a field of hay. Driver/BIOS support has been outstanding, and RMA support/services the best I've experienced.
My experiences:
Asrock: Avoid their cheaper boards. Their medium to high end boards though are pretty good. They are good about updating their BIOS. Support is not too good though.

Asus: Generally good about updating their BIOS and release stability was probably the best, but the other vendors would quickly catch up. Support and RMA was pretty awful though.

EVGA: Plagued by bad BIOS starting from P67 onwards. Tech support was good, but you had to RMA to the US. GPUs are pretty good, but again, RMA to the US.

Gigabyte: Products were generally pretty good, but support was not. Also they were not the best about updating their BIOS.

MSI: They've had some bad boards in the past, especially their low end stuff, but their products today are all very solid.

Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Outside of RMA (my MSI experiences have been superb) I've also always been impressed with MSI's tech support forum community. It was interesting earlier this year to notice some of the same screen names still active after 10+ years, and third party solutions still being offered by staff as opposed to the norm which would be denial of any problem in the first place. (Killer network card drivers is a perfect example of this).
Yeah I've had good experiences with MSI tech support too. Pretty quick too in answering my questions - within hours or 1-2 days for serious issues.

To be honest, I'm starting to see MSI as one of the more underrated brands. Their newer motherboards have been outstanding, at least on the high end, as have their top end Lightning series of GPUs.

Edit: Not much of a laptop guy, but I've heard good things about some of their gaming laptops. The MSI GT72 this round was well received. I'd love to see a good Maxwell laptop with an IPS screen.

Originally Posted by zoob View Post
Take picture of the cpu socket too.

I meant the no "back and forth" is a good thing. I told them my fan is failing causing card to overheat. They didn't make me jump through hoops to get an Rma number.

Their system is great and shows the times everything took place as per my time stamps above.
Thanks. Will do that. No pins were bent on the CPU socket, at least not when I sent it.

They have yet to process my RMA and I will need to call them tomorrow or the day after about it if they do not.

The only other thing I should mention is that this board is one I just bought used.

Currently in a PayPal dispute with the seller as he has not responded in 9 days.

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