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Old July 1, 2014, 12:05 PM
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Default Considering upgrading to the new 9590 watercooled CPU

Im a gamer first and i dont really use my computer for anything demanding besides games (mostly just use it for you tube and office apps otherwize).


FX 8320 CPU
750 Watt seagate gold plus PSU
8gb kingston ram (its good cant remember what it was called tho)
Sapphire R9 290x GPU
120 gb SSD and 1 TB HDD

I get excellent performance in games right now but i was wondering if when i upgrade to 4k (and purchase additional graphics and PSU) it would make sense to also upgrade my CPU. Im not very knowledgeable about how much impact the cpu has on pure gaming performance and if im bottleknecking my pretty beastly gpu with a lower end cpu. If anyone can help leave a comment :)
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Old July 2, 2014, 04:29 AM
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It's essentially the same CPU just a factory OC. Get yourself a good AIO watercooler and OC your current CPU as best you can. Not worth the CPU change IMO.
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FX chips are bottlenecked to begin with by design requiring extreme clocks to get their performance, opting for a chip with a high overclock AND high temps requiring a lot of power off the hop is yuck its your $.

What I can say is bottlenecking and such is truly blown out of proportion if one takes the time to see the results. in my cases I have a Phenom II 955 and a 7870. I have had the 955 clocked to 4.3Ghz almost 4.4 running with 8gb 9,10,9,24,37 timing 1866 ram, 7870 factory clocked TFIII MSI 1050/1200 core/mem I have had it running at 1256/1545. I can play every game I Have at 1920x1080 or 1680x1050 games include BC2-BF3-BF4, Skyrim, Diablo 3, Warface, MechWarrior online, rift, terra, world of tanks, war thunder, civ IV etc.

I can clock my cpu and gpu up to this point before I notice a reduction in speed and crashes occurring much to often. Anyways what I have noticed, I can clock my cpu down to 2.2Ghz or up to 4.2Ghz ram at 1066 or 1866, gpu at 750/600 1050/1200 or 1256/1545 and honestly in very very few games or apps that I use is there a difference, even if I took the cpu up to 4.2 and clocked the gpu down or vice-versa I gain or lose ~8-14FPS in most games at most using medium-ultra settings.

4k will put far more load on the gpu for sure, cpu will always be needed but generally for most games, higher resolution higher gpu load, usually about same on cpu, in your case if you were using say a Athlon II with that gpu then for damn sure it would be bottlenecked, all I am saying is, don't think it is something it is not until you test test test. FX are bottlenecked/hampered by cache latency and clock speeds to begin with, to have to rely on sucking back tons of power to improve performance you probably should think about going another route, or wait a short while longer as they will be releasing some new ones though it will require new board/cpu possibly ram (though I have heard they do plan on doing 3 chips for am3+ before they move on to the next true generation of FX)

Anyways a 290x can be fed well enough by virtually any processor out there unless they are weak cpu to being with, APU old Athlon, most dual core or low power quads etc, you have none of those. clock up your CPU-NB speeds so it can speed the cache latencies this can help for sure.

Based on cost, you can get a full very nice liquid cooling kit to cool your gpu and cpu for the price of that change, or get a nice cooler to clock up dedicated to the cpu and add a real nice SSD so it flies (make sure you have good airflow around the motherboard area if you clock up, FX suck back lots of power when clocked)
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Old July 2, 2014, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Chris65478 View Post
Im a gamer first and i dont really use my computer for anything demanding besides games
Then you should go Intel with the eyes closed. Latest generation, highest clocked Core i3 should cut the mustard for you just fine.
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