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For the consumer, I don't really see the point, as you will have to pay through the roof for DDR4 memory and X99 boards. But people will still buy them for gaming, where a 4930K is way enough...
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My System Specs


Originally Posted by CrazyCanukk View Post
Hello Guys and ladies :) , long time lurker 1st time poster. Mind the name but i have been CrazyCanukk since the first MOH online and bf2 and CodUO days. Don't know why i haven't signed up before this since i am lurking your site daily for my geek needs .. some may know me as Crazycanuck from EA UK forums as a lead moderator or DarkIntention in Battlelog as a mod there until last year when work took over my life

I'm taking a serious look at Haswell E for an upgrade this fall. I know the processor is way overkill for gaming but i also like Streaming to twitch and encoding 900p @ 60 fps while gaming takes a beefy proc. 720p @60fps not so much but still can tax a processor and as time goes i want enough overhead for the processor to stay relevant for 5-6 years.

i think the 8 core Haswell e , although expensive and over kill for my CURRENT uses would fit the bill for a 5-7 year build. i used to build just what i needed and upgraded regularly. TBH kind of done with that and i'm following in a close friends footsteps. I thought he was crazy buying an I7 990x at the time..but he's still using it , still more then he needs and as far as he's concerned he will be skipping haswell and broadwell for upgrades as he sees no need for it. Others like me are on our 2nd to 3rd builds..lol..and spent more then he did already.

I have some other plans for such a beefy processor, but i am seriously looking at the 6 or even 8 core Haswell e as an upgrade path this fall. I figure that 1400-1500 bucks i spend (have psu, hdds, ssd's, case, o/s and Blueray drive already) will be more then worth it spread over the next 5-7 years.

Maybe I'm nuts...who knows..lol

P.s what the heck is a Trial user?
Welcome to da forums of doooooom! Ok maybe not doom :P

Twitch streams requires both GPU and CPU power especially when it's playing a game at the same time. So using a software like Nvidia Shadow Play or AMD... Gaming Evolve whatever (I forgot the name). Will help, does it really need 8 cores to run a silky smooth 60 fps at 900p? Probably not. I've tested it myself with my i5 750 and really unless it's Battlefield 4 or something CPU intense like Civilization 5 or Supreme Commander. It ran just fine.

Also for Trial Member thing. It's just a ranking system after you pass 10 posts I believe you get a new rank and some things unlocked. Like Thread Creation if I'm not mistaken.
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