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Goon3d August 30, 2013 05:41 AM

AMD FX-6300 upgrade($120 budget.)
How much increase in performance does this cpu will give compare to a phenom2 x4 965? With the release of BF4 this Octobre, I think it's time to retire my phenom2.

mobo: Asus m5a97 R2.0
PSU: CM ex2 725
GPU: gigabyte HD 7850 oc ver.
ram: Kingston hyperx black 8gigs.


great_big_abyss August 30, 2013 06:10 AM

HAHA! Stay with the Phenom! Seriously, in a lot of applications, performance will be similar, and those areas where you see an increase, the increase will not be worth the money you pay. Keep you 965, buy a good cooler for it, and overclock the Shiznit out of it.

If you really want to upgrade, the only worthwhile AMD chip for serious gaming these days is the FX8350 (and to a lesser extent, the 8320). Hold on to the 965 a little while longer, and save your pennies for one of the octo-cores.

Dzzope August 30, 2013 06:32 AM

second the above... not worth it.

Bond007 August 30, 2013 09:01 AM

Agree. For a gaming rig, keep what you have unless you are going to mid-range i5 or i7. I you are after a boost in highly threaded apps it MAY be a different story.

Goon3d September 2, 2013 08:03 AM

Can you guys help out a noob on how to overclocking my PC?
AMD phenom2 x4 965BE
ASUS m5a97 R2.0
Kingston hyper x black 1600(9-9-9-24 2T) 1.65v.
CM Extreme 2 725watts
Antec kuhler 620
Gigabyte HD 7850 OC ver.
Corsair agility 3 120gigs.(OS and BF3)

upcoast604 September 2, 2013 09:06 AM

You'll probably need to dl CPU-Z, GPU-Z and HWMonitor all free for info and monitoring.

With my 965BE it needs 1.45v to hit 3.7ghz cpu multiplier 18.5 x 200mhz, then I bump the ht volt a little .0x v ( can't remember what exact is) 11 x 200 for 2200mhz.

Better vid card would've yield a better gaming box.

Ps, changing the ram to 1T from 2T and see if cl8/cl7 is stable will help also. PII reacts better to tighter timings, the imc is 1333mhz and your ram is 1600mhz cl9 so if you match up the native imc you should be able to tighten the timings.

Dzzope September 2, 2013 11:12 AM

If that all went over your head... try finding a youtube video or specific guide for your board..

Remember small increases, test, small increases etc.. Don't fry it and watch temperatures when stress testing.

upcoast604 September 2, 2013 11:39 AM

Some basic stuff.

Phenom II AM3 Overclocking Essentials | TechREACTION

AMD Phenom II IMC and RAM Overclocking Guide | TechREACTION

RUSTY September 4, 2013 09:47 AM

well the thing is if you are going to be playing bf4 , it will be a good upgrade. bf4 should use more than 4 cores and the 6300 is a faster cpu than the phII.
really it won't cost you much to upgrade you will be able to get about 50 to 75$ for your cpu
if you do upgrade make sure your motherbord supports the cpu first.

great_big_abyss September 4, 2013 10:03 AM

I guess the general point is for the OP to hold onto his 965 just long enough until he can afford the 8350. The difference in performance from a 6300 to a 8350 is considerable, however the price gap is not that large. The 8350 is an upgrade that makes sense. The 6300, less so. Overclocking the 965 is merely to get him a few more FPS until he does have the money to upgrade.

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