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My System Specs


No reason to upgrade from Sandy..

As for 1150 vs 1155, 1 gen will IMO give not enough difference to make much issue of choosing Ivy vs Has now.
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Originally Posted by ZzzSleep View Post
In my case, I already own a 2600K, so it's a lot less clear. I'd agree if you were building a new system though. It's really disappointing to see that there haven't been big performance gains in the past 2.5 years since Sandy first launched.
Ah, you're already on 1155. In that case, I'd just stick with it your Sandy, it's perfectly capable of keeping pace with Ivy Bridge or Haswell. You're spot on about the lack of performance gains for the past few generations, just look at the huge step up Sandy Bridge was and the lack of improvement in Haswell. C'mon Intel!
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Old July 11, 2013, 07:59 PM
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Some addition info relating to the review from ASUS:

1. We have made adjustments to the 4 way optimization process and tweaked its algorithm slightly. As the result is variable and varies depending on the CPU and cooling we have adjusted for reducing the multiplier value by 1 once the peak speed is verified. This requires a UEFI update and the latest version of AiSuite III.

2. All the fan headers support full manual control. This is important point that even with competitors improving is a difference as many still on chassis headers are limited to basic fixed RPMs vs gradients.

3. For the UEFI there are few key items in the EZ mode ( EZ XMP, EZ Fan Speed and SATA Information ). All were functions and features requested implemented based on development and discussed with our users.

4. Quick note on USB Charger+ and USB 3 Boost. As more users are now using smartphones and tablets and ereaders the ability to quick charge a device is a big plus especially considering we are not limited to just iOS device. USB 3 Boost is a great option for improving the performance of flash based storage devices like Flash Drives, Memory Cards, USB SSD Externals/Enclosures.

5. AiSuite III There is an important update to application that allows for manual input vs just sliders along with color coded voltages both benefits users with ease of use and a better understanding.

Nice to see them working on 4-way optimization as it was an issue with the board.
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