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Old May 31, 2013, 08:56 PM
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My System Specs


If your really going to fiddle with the oc's and features that the top board provide well and good but even the lower end boards are pretty damn solid and OC fairly well.

Sweet spot (for me) on z77 is $140 - 180. any more and you really want to know what your paying for and intend to use the extra's they come with. (voltage read point etc)
If your based in Canada I would stick to the MSI or Asus (with MSI generally providing better bang for buck)

I personally don't like gigabyte (personal bias) but if you do have a problem with one of them you have to return it to Cali which can be expensive on shipping alone, not to mention many people have horrible experiences with their support and you may be charged duty on the returning item (your not supposed to but many report it happening)

All the above boards are really good, think it's just personal preference of what features they have for you. But I wouldn't rule out any of their little bro's without looking into them first. (the MSI GD65 looks sweet :) )
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K, I'll just throw this out there. I was planning builds with msi z77a-g45 and g43 (for pci). They were fairly inexpensive and did everything I would need; perfect.
I have a gigabyte, stupid thing wouldn't let me turn off USB charging when the system is off. Just pure stupidity.
My safe bet was the asus (something)77-v Lk board. Have always had a good experience with Asus boards.

3770k tdp is low, just stick with air. If you insist on liquid cooling... I've had nothing but bad experiences with Corsair pumps. Well, just Corsair in general, but that's another story (they suck).

I was never fond of 'high-end' boards, I find they can't do much more than a 'regular' board can. Back in the p45 days, people bought these ridiculous boards to overclock their high-end dual-cores. I would buy this cheapass $60 gigabyte board and a cheap pentium dual-core, and easily OC it to 4ghz.
Yeah, it didn't have 2 PCIe16x slots. But I wasn't stupid enough to consider xfire/sli, especially when I couldn't afford the best single GPU card.

Anyway, just sharing some thoughts.
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Old June 1, 2013, 07:21 AM
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My System Specs


AnandTech | MSI Z77A-GD65 Gaming Review here is one review for the GD65, gimmicky it seems at best. Though I personally love the colors and the dragon :)
AnandTech | MSI Z77 MPower Review: The XPower?s Little Brother personally if I were to pick up one of these boards it would be this one, so nice looking, solid overclock, and a very good overall design.
AnandTech | ASUS P8Z77-V Premium Review: A Bentley Among Motherboards is another option

Suppose it all comes down to your choices as an individual most Z77 seem to get similar overclocking features, its all the other options/features that make or will make the difference to your use. I personally like the last one I linked, in my case it would mean I could use my sound card and 2 gpu and not have to worry about airflow loss.
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