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Old April 11, 2013, 02:20 AM
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My System Specs

Default i7 3930 - is it really worth it?

just looking for opinions, I just picked up an Asus Sabertooth X79 for 175$ and I'm pondering whether to get a quad core i7 or go for the 6 core. I'll either be getting a 4x4gb or 4x8gb kit for it, not sure yet

i have two workstations

the first is as follows, it runs linux on an Asus M4A79-T Deluxe, Phenom X4 955, 8gb ram, and is my primary workstation for video conversions, day to day everything and virtual machines, etc. I tend to leave things open for months at a time and never reboot, my web browser probably has 400 tabs open...

the second system is an i7 2600k on an asus p8z68 deluxe gen 3 with 16gb ram. I dual boot mac and windows on it, windows for other day to day stuff like i do on the linux machine, and casual gaming (more than casual lately), Mac OS for my audio production needs (mostly working with Maschine) when I'm too lazy to stand in my DJ booth to put together samples for my mixes

Both systems meet my needs day to day and I can't really complain about performance. I bought the new board on impulse because i got such a good deal on it. I'm waiting for it to return from RMA so i'm in no rush to buy a cpu which is part of the reason i got such a good deal on teh board when a friend just went out and bought a replacement because he couldnt wait for an rma

I have a few thoughts on which way to go with the new board though

1, buy a quad or six core, and 32gb ram and swap it into the current i7 system, go through the pain of reconfigure a mac install and maybe almost switch the windows install to it without any change. then move the current i7 into the amd box where i can enjoy some performance improvements for everything there as well

2, buy a 6 core and 16gb move it into the linux machine where i do most of my multitasking anyway and the additional cores will probably benefit me more there, leave the current i7 alone.

3, buy a quadcore and 16gb because nothing i do is really so intensive that i need 6 cores when i tend to balance my workload across different systems on different platforms because i can, throw it into which ever system the migration causes me less hassle and call it a day, because both systems are quad core i7's with 16gb ram so who cares where it goes

4, buy a quad/six core with 16gb ram and 2 more monitors, build a whole new machine just to run mac or windows and stop dual booting the second machine, i hate rebooting and maybe buy more ram for the linux machine

realistically, the linux machine is the one that needs an upgrade, as far as ram goes at least, most days, my web browser alone draws near 6gb ram with the number of tabs open. the windows machine/hackintosh performs great when i need it, i just hate rebooting to go between mac and windows so i like option number 4.

the other thing is, i just spent 500$ on a pair of xeon 5570's, 48gb ram and a supermicro board to build my new server, i'm not sure it would sit well with me spending 600$ on a 6 core cpu alone that comes close to the server?

can someone talk some sense into me?
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Old April 11, 2013, 02:27 AM
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My System Specs


Since you mentioned video conversions the 3930k would be a great increase in performance in that, if you're in no rush like you said you can wait for intel retail edge's deals which will probably be in about 2 months, so if you or someone you know that works for the qualifying retailers you can get a 3930k for insanely cheap (that is if they decide to have 3930k's again this year)
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Old April 12, 2013, 09:35 PM
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My System Specs


well that's just it, i mean 6 cores would be great for the video transcoding and virtual machines i tend to run, but i don't do that often enough on either of my workstations since i have two dual quad-core servers running hypervisors, so i don't need virtual machines on my workstations, and my i7 does the video stuff that i do in 5-10 minutes per job where my old system took 45-90 minutes, and for the amount i do, im not sure if i can justify 6 cores.

ill likely just get a quad and 16gb ram and swap it into my linux machine and move the old phenom x4 to my brother and take his tri-core athlon for my HTPC to give it a little bump which will leave me with an a8n-sli and an x2 5600 to sell off in a used box or something

and i would go 32gb ram, but in my workstations i need more than 8gb for my current workloads, but i don't use much more than 10-12 on average really

I figure a 4x4gb kit should do my well for this one. i could put it in my windows machine where games would benefit from the additional memory channels, but that's more work than I'm motivated to do. Though i'm not all that motivated at the moment being stuck at work overnight and doing the job our NOC team should have done a week ago, ughr
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