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SKYMTL January 9, 2013 07:03 PM

Richland, Kaveri, Kabini & Temash; AMD’s 2013 APU Lineup Examined (Comment Thread)
AMD has finally unveiled what we can expect from their lineup in 2013 and it looks like APUs will lead the way. Richland, Kaveri, Kabini and Temash will all be released this year, representing a top to bottom product stack which has aspirations in the notebook, ultra thin, SFF and tablet markets.

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frontier204 January 9, 2013 09:31 PM

I hope they get some better devices with AMD guts soon.

It's really tiring to look at mobile offerings to see nothing but "ultrabooks" dominating and AMD sitting in a corner with non-touch laptops crippled by slow hard drives, like the HP Sleekbook reviewed here on HWC. I would've loved to buy a 14" notebook with an AMD A10 and hybrid HDD, but those don't exist or the option is buried farther than 3 menus down, so I ended up with the third Intel/nVidia combo I've purchased since Sandy Bridge released.
On the tablet/convertible front I can't even find any AMD devices.

JJThomp January 9, 2013 09:38 PM

Well if they can deliver on the numbers they put out I will probably be picking up a laptop or tablet with an AMD chip in it... I am in dire need of a new laptop as my piece of junk is well... a piece of junk. Looks like they have gone with a fairly confusing naming scheme but I guess I will be able to put things together when the specs and SKU's are released.

SKYMTL January 10, 2013 06:07 AM

I have to agree. A good notebook NEEDs at least a hybrid drive these days to "feel" quick, even if it doesn't top the benchmark charts.

marquee January 10, 2013 06:31 AM

The OEM 8000 series look allot like the current 7000 series. I really hope the new dies will work better. I was hoping for more stream processors and more compute

SKYMTL January 10, 2013 06:59 AM

Every generation gets rebrands on the OEM side. I am sure Sea Islands will be a step forward.

great_big_abyss January 10, 2013 09:31 AM

I think they should push for pre-built, powerful, gaming capable HTPC's that would really push the envelope on what an APU can do. The train may have already left the station, but methinks they should have tried to work with STEAM when it came to supplying processing and graphics power to their Living Room console replacement. What better platform an APU? It's what they're designed for. And as AMD refines the graphics portion of the chip, they'll be able to push more and more framerates at higher quality settings on more and more games.

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