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jibz December 12, 2012 04:49 PM

Z77 and 2600k features.
Hey HWC,

I'm moving to a z77 maximus 5 extreme in my upcoming revision of my rig and taking advantage of trim passed in raid 0 and having alot of fun with asus' flagship board. But I'm still unsure about what processor to use. What features exactly would I be missing out on by stick with a 2nd gen i7 over selling it and going with a 3rd gen i7?

From my understanding I don't get PCI-E 3.0 which doesn't impact my build and I'm stuck with my disappointing 2nd gen memory controller.

Importantly I want to verify that the trim in raid will work using a 2nd generation i7 as long as the chipset is z77 and I have the latest chipset drivers installed on the OS.

My 2600k is near and dear to me as I have benched it at 5.3ghz(5c coolant) and I consider it a 'golden' chip. The downside is the memory controller really doesn't like going above 1600 c9.


samhell44 December 12, 2012 09:09 PM

for the ram i doubt its the mem controler i got a first gen i5 750 and my mem clock at 1866 mhz its probaly your ram o and my ram is rated at 1333mhz

jibz December 12, 2012 09:15 PM

gen 2 i7 memory controller's are 1333 native and known not to OC well. I have a set of dominators that can run 2133 11-11-11(also on a 1st gen i7 but 1366) but my i7 2600k can't hold them stable above 1600. I've tested this chip on a few different boards with a few different sets of ram.

samhell44 December 12, 2012 09:20 PM

well that sucks did not know that

sf101 December 13, 2012 10:50 AM

most of the gen 2s can do 2000mhz stable depending on timings
your right the 3rd gens mem controllers are much much better tho capable of 2800+ with the right memory.

no pcie 3.0 is also correct

and about a 10-15% performance per clock difference.

thats really all there is.

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