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NoCorsair November 24, 2012 06:38 PM

Mini ITX APU boards?
Newegg.ca - ASUS C60M1-I AMD Fusion APU C-60 (1.0GHz, dual core) AMD Hudson M1 Mini ITX Motherboard/CPU Combo

So I stumbled across one of these today, and I wanna know a little more about them.
What are they mainly used for? A home server? A online game server? A gaming rig? (lol)
It's a APU chip at 1.0GHz dualcore, and it supports 16GB of Ram and has six Sata 6Gb/s ports.
Besides all that, I thought to myself, how cool would it be to build a mineral oil cooled PC with this board. Because it would be a inexpensive project, look cool, and be lots of fun to build. Pair it up with some low profile ram, a low Watt PSU, and a SSD, then put it in a fishtank of oil. Cute.

Soultribunal November 24, 2012 11:03 PM

My Guess would be an HTPC enviroment , since normally AMD's APU offerings as of late are pretty damn powerful for that type of scenerio.
At least, that is what I would use it for.


YoungMan November 25, 2012 01:35 AM

That's with the CPU integrated. I believe Asrock has an FM2 m-itx board out where you can put your own A10 or A8 in it.
Allows you to have a pretty decent PC in an extremely small form factor. Not a lot of them out, but they're much like the Intel's where people put their own i5 or i7s in there. So yeah, you can have a gaming rig in an itx form factor.

moocow November 25, 2012 04:15 PM

Mini RAID server would be great since you can get MITX towers with 6 HDD slots. Add a PCI-E RAID card and off you go.

ZZLEE November 25, 2012 04:38 PM

There is a White Prodigy fore someone in TO and one of these = NAS :)

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