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unnAMD June 23, 2012 12:06 AM

Crossfire doubt... will my mobo support it?
Good night from argentina (good afternoon to all canadian readers?)

I've created this thread to see if someone can help me with a little idea i had...

I would like to run crossfire on my system (by getting another 6850)
... and i'm wondering if the idea will work on my motherboard.. considering that the 970a ud3 hast 2 pci-e slots, but only one of them is wired at 16x...the 2nd port is only wired at 4x

Is it a good idea to run crossfire on my rig? or should i get myself a new motherboard...

oh... and i would like to know if by buying a Sentey ERP750-ss PSU my system will be able to boot up once i assemble it with both GPUs.... note that the psu has 55a on the 12v rail (monorail)

p.d.: i actually thought about getting myself a Corsair, coolermaster or another "good" brand PSU ... but here in argentina, due to the fact that we can't import a lot of pc parts (thanks to our lovely president).. the prices are... those brands are kinda off limits here (the TX650 is around 320 U$S...:angry2:)

also i want to let anyone know that i won't be able to upgrade my gpu to lets say a 69xx / 7xxx model... (i bought this gpu about 2 months ago.. and the price tag hasn't changed at all..i paid 300U$S)

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