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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
There are no sites on our shit list. Links to any can be freely posted. :)
I wasnt shure again cause of the hardocp thing sky ... so i added it.
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To me this looks like an evolutionary not revolutionary design...buts thats OK with me. LLano was good kit and AMD are building upon its strengths. Does the CPU end of it need more horsepower...yes (a tweaked piledriver is still a weak CPU) ....but there is a point where "good enough"...is well good enough for more peeps needs. These APU designs wont end up in Desktop replacement lappys, or gaming laptops they are meant for the budget market and while LLANO started the trend it looks like Trinity could help AMD seal the deal on this end. But it will all come down to PRICE . If the AMD option is say 1bill cheaper than the Intel...then you are into SSD upgrade territory (120GB is enough room for most budget laptop users) which will in turn increase battery life (and overall performance). BUT if they are the same or similar...why bother with the AMD? Intel will give better CPU power (which means less CPU ramp up to full speed which EATS battery life) at the expense of gaming...but who games on a budget laptop?
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In the reviews it does'nt look that bad, Trinity showed a decisive lead on the order of 30 - 50+% over Intel's 4000 integrated graphics in the Ivy Bridge Core i7 chip .Plus it uses less power.Occourse most people don't get a laptop to do heavy gameing.my main concern with a laptop or PC-tablet is how long is it going to last before I have to charge it.I know in some benchmarkmarks it get beat ,but most people don't buy one just to run benchmarks.They useally buy one to do they online banking and browsering the web to buy stuff and sometimes watch a movie..It is hard to tell if something is ms faster .Most people that do gameing on a laptop just uses it for easy games that don't eat up much power anyway.If they want to play a new game that has all the bells and whistles ,they useally play it on a X-box 360 or play station or have a gameing PC to play them on.
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