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FLATLANDRIDER August 15, 2011 06:42 PM

installing a new motherboard
hi, i am new to the computer building world, and i am looking to buy a new motherboard to replace my existing Gigabyte 880GM-UD2H. i love my motherboard, but i want to get a second HD 6970 to run in crossfire. my currentt motherboard is a microATX so it only has one pcie slot.

My question is if i install a new mobo will i have to reinstall windows and get all my files back, or do i just plug it in, and attach my hardrive to it and it starts up like normal?

I have no problem physically installing the new motherboard, but i am not to sure about the software on the mobo. my computer was built for me by tigerdirect so i didnt get to experience the software installation of it, but i have taken my computer apart, and rebuilt it.

my computer specs are:
__________________________________________________ ______________________________________
Motherboard: Gigabyte 880GM-UD2H
Processor: AMD Phenom II 1055T 2.8Ghz (Overclocked to 3.7Ghz without increasing voltage)
Memory: Patriot 2Gb 1333MHz x2 dual channel
Video: AMD Radeon HD 6970 2GB
HDD: Main: Western Digital Caviar 500GB Secondairy: Seagate 1TB
PSU: Ultra LSP 750Watt ATX
Case: CoolMaster HAF-912
Optical: Asus DRW-24B3ST
OS: Windows 7 Home premium
__________________________________________________ ______________________________________
thanks for all your help!

supaflyx3 August 15, 2011 08:10 PM

If it uses the same chipset, then no. But i would still suggest reinstall windows, things can get corrupt easily if you switch boards and use the same install.

FLATLANDRIDER August 15, 2011 08:14 PM

it does use the same chipset, i will be getting an am3 motherboard. and if i do reinstall windows, will i lose any of my data? i have about 850GB of stuff that i do not want to lose.

Shadowmeph August 15, 2011 09:13 PM

If it is win7 just copy your user folder then if you have to do a reinstall just over right the new files with the backed up user folder and files.

tianfeng August 16, 2011 03:15 AM

I just installed a new motherboard. I went from an msi 790fx to a crosshair v 990x. I thought I wouldn't have to re install windows but I did. Some people get lucky and don't have to, most people do.

FLATLANDRIDER August 16, 2011 07:33 AM

but were would i copy the folder to if its already in my hd wouldnt it just recognize all my folders once i plug in the main drive and set the boot settings to hardrive?

srry for my noobishness :P

FLATLANDRIDER August 16, 2011 07:38 AM

should i buy another hardrive and back up my main onto that then when windows is installed just copy everyhting in Local Disk (C:) to the original hardrive?

Chromey August 19, 2011 05:24 AM

ive always had 2 or more hdd. i have always backed up my os drive, the when the fresh os is on thier, move what you want over.

FLATLANDRIDER August 19, 2011 07:11 AM

alright that makes sence i will do that, thanks

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