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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Arinoth View Post
I can't completely agree with you here, a lot of products are engineered to last a certain duration on average to sustain the consumer purchasing a new/replacement one down the line, otherwise they can't really get more money if their product lasts forever. Typically products are engineered to to last roughly the duration of the warranty (electronics as an example) and anything beyond that warranty period is either a good/lucky item, or a product engineered with a longer shelf life (rarer)
A lot of the posters here have very good points and the success I've had with motherboards going back to my original IBM PC maybe gave me unrealistic expectations. Maybe I've just been lucky that my IBM mobo never failed (but that's IBM back when they were incredible), my Biostar mobo for my 286 never failed, my 386, my 486, Pentiums I, III, IV, Celeron D and Core2Duo mobos never failed. The thing is, motherboards don't have to have planned obsolescence built into them. Technology moves at a rate that it will eventually become useless for its primary purpose anyway. My expectation was based on the price I paid because it was higher than all my other motherboards. I didn't use many of the features the motherboard had but that wasn't the reason I bought it. I bought it because I thought that a $200 motherboard would have been durable. Well, I learned my lesson, bought a Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 for $140 and I will have no real expectations regarding it. I'll just hope that this time my experience will be better.
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I know I usually get better lifespan on mobos than the warranty period. It is not too much to ask that a mobo would last more than 3 years under normal use. I do insist on using a quality PSU whenever I do a build for someone. If you had quality parts accompanying this system, and took care of it, I can understand why you would be annoyed that you had it die 5 months after the warranty.

That said, you can't expect the company to do a repair months after the warranty. Just have to file this one away as bad luck if you used quality parts. If you had crap parts accompanying this system, OCed, with poor airflow, then it did a great job surviving.
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and a lot of people forget power protection. bud brought in his pc for the n'th time...he never took my advice to get a ups.

lended him one of my backups and sure enough as soon as plugged it into his socket it started moaning like no tomorrow

(about the power it was getting from the wall :D )
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