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gandalfgreyhame May 30, 2013 02:40 AM

yep, gigabyte cs strikes again
i too have an ongoing rma issue with gigabyte. on 2-16-2013 i ordered parts to build my friend a computer. against my better judgement i let him cheap out on the mobo (ga-78lmt-s2p) all went well for the build, and it was solid for 1 week. then the sound went out. so i tried the usual tricks (drivers, etc) then asked for and received an rma. paid the 25.00 to ups the board to them. after 2 weeks, they finally put on their rma website that the board had been repaired and shipped. after a week i called them and apparently it had not been shipped because of "other issues" i waited another week, called and was told it would be shipped out the following week and that it had been repaired. by this time, my friend was getting upset (to say the least). finally got the board, went to his house and put it together, hooked it up and surprise... no video. vga nor dvi worked. soo, now i am extremely peeved and embarrassed, my friend starts talking about a refund, and i contact gigabyte, tell them the repair made the board worse and they tell me, it was fine when it left here, and if i send it back to them, they will repair it yet again..i said no, and to make sure i dont get the same board back, i want one shipped to me, with a return label, and once i am sure it is fine, i will send the old one back... nope. so i have purchased (at my cost) a new board for my friend, and i am still trying to get gigabyte to live up to the first tier customer service obligations.. this is the first gigabyte board i have used, always used asus and have not had a single asus board fail. starting to think gigabyte is going to screw me over..

Dzzope May 30, 2013 05:03 AM

Glad your sorted man but considering everyone else who posted the problems they had in this thread and the fact that not 1 of them have said that they were contacted I'll still be avoiding Gigabyte.

As you said, they are in damage control mode. Unlike NZXT dealing with the PSU issue a few months ago they are not doing this to be good to their customers, they are doing it because this is a well known site and they want to appear to care when they obviously don't (from your initial experience and those of others). Not saying mistakes don't happen, they do with every company.. But gigabyte really have a hell of a long way to go in my view before I'll touch their boards again.

Soullessone21 September 15, 2013 07:03 PM

Just had the oddest RMA with them heres my rating

Communication ZERO!!!!
Ease of system 2
Quality of repair 10

So I logged myself into their site, I had a board that a buddy on here hit with lots of LN2 and clay haha, it worked but in his drunken fun he bent some pins and shipped it my way.

I bent the pins back and it worked!!! but 2 sata ports did not appear and it would not OC worth shat.

So when I upgraded to LGA2011 I thought "time to see if things have improved"

After contacting a buddy there he said "RMA's with us are fully automated please go to the rma site"

so I did that, after about 10 min I had all my papers in and 12 hours later I had a rma sheet to print and a shipping address(in the states and not prepaid)

I shipped it away.

15 days past and I get a email that the team is repairing my board

5 days later I get a email saying it shipped

that day I get the board.

Perfect condition and a whole new pin set.. no charge :shok:

Though it almost took a month and I sent the RMA as a test only was not impressed with the communication but with the repair quality I was blown away.

Would I buy gigabyte with other mani's being in canada for RMA well no but its nice knowing they got a bit of their shit together.

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