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_dangtx_ February 16, 2011 01:56 PM

well you have the pr ppl that will gladly make it look very nice for the co and then you got bob
whose not exactly the happiest man on earth because he handles rma's and inbetween those
two you get your service :)

Slaughter February 16, 2011 02:08 PM

Glad to hear they stepped up. Keep us posted!

SKYMTL February 16, 2011 02:14 PM

Remember folks, social marketing and word of mouth through said social marketing are quickly becoming cornerstones of this industry. Make yourself heard in a diplomatic way and someone will likely listen.

chrisk February 16, 2011 03:25 PM

Speaking out in a cool, sane, and credible manner will get you far on sites like these. Gigabyte and other companies are well-advised to keep good people on forums like these happy, as we know how to get word out, and we construct and advise on countless other builds.

maverick_brent February 16, 2011 03:42 PM


Originally Posted by SKYMTL (Post 486461)
Remember folks, social marketing and word of mouth through said social marketing are quickly becoming cornerstones of this industry. Make yourself heard in a diplomatic way and someone will likely listen.

social networking can change everything...Egypt anyone?

glad its worked out hopefully they do well and please thier customer

Grampa February 16, 2011 05:18 PM


Originally Posted by Arinoth (Post 486443)
I got a rather unexpcted phone call today. It was Gigabyte customer service retention. Apparently their marketting department got wind of this little thread, about how unhappy the whole customer service experience was and the reaction/response by fellow members to my situation and bumped it up to CS retention. After talking to them on the phone for a bit, re-itterating what i was previously unhappy about dealing with customer service and well the poor language/grammar that was used they told me they want to make up for it.

To make things right they are offering to send me a brand new board (dont know what model, but i can only assume equal or grater) and to send my board (that is on my way back to me repaired) back to them with pre-paid postage. Once they get the notification of my old board going back they will send me the new one over night. I am happy with this outcome, however i even told the guy this could have been avoided if a)i was not blamed for scratches on the board and b) customer service worded their emails a lot better without broken english and using proper grammar.

For anyone whom may have bad RMA experience in the future, try talking/emailing the marketting department as they seem to be a lot more understanding then standard customer service. I will also update you guys on what i get in exchange for my old board whenever i get it.

Seeing how someone actually cared to right the wrong at GB they may have swayed my attitude towards them to at least possible selection to buy new parts from, with degree of attitude depending on the new motherboard i receive.

Cheers Arinoth!
Glad to hear, and see that steps were being taken to right the wrongs.:canadianwave::clap::canadianwave:

frontier204 February 16, 2011 08:42 PM

That's great to hear! It's too bad that GB had to go into damage control mode to find this mixup however...

Exlibris February 18, 2011 09:08 AM

Interesting outcome, although I have a suspicion there could be more to come. I wonder how long the new board will take to ship once the old one has been received back at GB.

Arinoth February 18, 2011 09:09 AM

Well i'm still waiting for the board to get to me as the postal code and civic address differ (civic address is correct, postal code is for ontario not nb). I'm expecting it should come today but who knows. They said once they get UPS notification that the board is on their way back to them they'll send the new one overnight.

Arinoth February 18, 2011 05:51 PM

Looks like i should have gotten the board yesterday however due to the fact the canada post guy seems to not be playing with a full deck and incapable of delivering packages to my address i didn't know about it until i got the door knocker in the mail today. I'm going to mail it off tomorrow if the UPS store downtown is open on saturdays. What i was rather surprised was getting a call from the CS retention rep this evening asking/making sure that i had received the board due to my civic address (which was correct) was for address here, but the postal code was for ontario.

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