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Old January 16, 2011, 03:12 PM
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Default CPU is fried??

Just bought a Phenom II x2 555 hoping to unlock it to a quad for a friend. Upon first boot, nothing happened. Bad RAM light came on the mobo, so tried various memory configurations. Nothing worked. So I put the Athlon II back in and it booted fine. So I stuck the 555 back in and nothing happens. RAM light stays on. My friend powered off the PSU and then removed the CPU and burnt his finger on it lol Athlon came out at room temp (weird)

So the 555 appears to be totally fried i think.


oh and my friend doesnt have the receipt
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Old January 16, 2011, 04:11 PM
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AMD should be good for warranty without reciept. As long as you have teh stock cooler and the booklet with the corresponding serial number you should be fine. Of course the last time i RMA'd a chip was my old athlon xp 2500M so it may be different.
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When I RMA'd my 955, the gentleman for AMD only asked where I purchased the CPU from, along with the serial numbers. You can also register some of the info on their website, which makes the process smoother. I found that the guy was agreeable, likely because I had everything in order from the get-go. I didn't have to send my stock cooler either; instead, all they needed was the CPU in its little plastic/foam clamshell.
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