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klsi168 January 8, 2010 09:52 PM

Evga x58 Sli / UD5 Gigabyte motherboard
Today my motherboard just proof to be defective, which is Evga x58 sli, no posting no led display, no screen display. So now i have rma the mobo. This start me to thinking should i change to other board and need some advice. Right now i see the UD5 is a nice canadiate, i like this board because everyone saying its very solid and good build quality and quiet. I kinda hate evga mobo fan which is very noisy.

So here i need some advice..

so i wait for RMA and give the mobo another try.

Or.... buy another board (UD5) so i dont have to wait for the RMA to return and still can use my computer then after RMA board return then re-sell the rma board. i kinda lost confidence over EVGA.

I want a solid overclock mobo, right now i'm watercooling only my cpu and price range for mobo is $300 under without tax.

My spec is 12 gb g skill ram, 920 D0, cosair 1000, ati 5970.

Thanks in advance

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