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Beastylemon December 12, 2009 07:26 PM

Worth it? > Q6600 --> i5 750
Soo... I'm going to upgrade my computer this new years, and i dont know if its worth it.
Should i upgrade to an i5 platform? or save the money and use it for a crazy GPU?

Im currently running on a p45 mobo, q6600@3.4 (gone to 4ghz on air o.O)
PC2-8000 @ 800mhz, and an HD 5850

rapmaster December 12, 2009 07:29 PM

What are the uses of your PC?

b1lk1 December 12, 2009 07:30 PM

Not worth it. I "upgraded" my QX9650 to a i965 Extreme and didn't notice any real boost. If you do CPU intensive tasks and have the spare cash it may be worthwhile, but if you are a normal user/gamer it will yield little gains. Your benchmark scores would go up though, lol.

Beastylemon December 12, 2009 07:36 PM

uses- GAMING, folding, and meh.. The usuall. A little of everything.
QX9650 is an already extreme CPU, if i had that, i'd wouldn't upgrade..
Im just sketchy with my CPU, cuz i know my friends E8400 runs games faster than me... T.T

3.0charlie December 12, 2009 07:36 PM

You have a pretty good rig.

Why not a SSD? Quad for quad is not worth it.

Beastylemon December 12, 2009 07:40 PM

o.O!!! Never even crossed my mind,,,
hmm, well i know they're awesome and everything, BUT
we ALL knw that they are pricey.. Something that is a major setback for me,
i don't think i really need an ssd, BUT does it really increase the overall performance of my rig by a noticeable amount? If it would, i would definitely think of getting one

rapmaster December 12, 2009 07:50 PM

A SSD would cost less than a upgrade to i5. A SSD would be the best upgrade you can get, it make everything snappier.

3.0charlie December 12, 2009 07:52 PM

It enhances performance in everything. Best replacement you can make. Grab yourself 2 30Gb SSDs, re-install your OS in RAID 0 and enjoy the speed...

Beastylemon December 12, 2009 07:59 PM

:) thank you for the advice, XD really helped.

3.0charlie December 12, 2009 08:08 PM

np - choose the right one though.

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