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Thanks for that info, I just put in an exhaust fan but I reversed the direction of the fan so now the exhaust is blowing air into the case instead of out, and my core temp dropped about 3 or 4 C doing 100% encoding with DVD shrink, seems to be working pretty well.

When my scythe infinity gets here, I'll try to see how high I can really go.
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Originally Posted by pullmyfinger View Post
Stress test, I think 71C is max I get. That's acceptable core temp right?
Originally Posted by turtletrax View Post
71C is the limit and I would personally try to keep it under 65c. I realize that you probably will not reach these temps very often, if at all under normal usage, but the thermal envolpe developed by Intel must be there for a reason.

Also if you really want to see what kind of temps your Q66 is capable of run this...

Intel TAT - Overclock.net - Overclocking.net

Crazy load temps....
At some point the intel thermal protection will kick in and throttle the cpu back. I think a good indication this is beginning to happen is when yopu see your benchmark scores begin to decline even though the system is set to a faster speed. I've read this kicks in around 80 degrees but there is a good 10 degree fudge factor there -- whether it's that the cpu is actually 10 degrees hotter than the readings, or the saftey feature kicks in 10 degrees lower than 80C, it doesn't matter since either way you need better cooling to go farther.

I've run into the exact same walls as some here with my e2160 and an XFX 650i Ultra, it hits a certain speed and can't stablize any farther no matter what voltage you add. It also seems like the stable setting needs very little voltage in comparisson. It may just be coincidence, but around this wall is also where temperatures are starting to get uncomfortable. Scythe Ninja on mine, stock fan and good case cooling. Mine poops out at 3ghz, load temps spike to 55C.

I've also run into this same loss of performance after a certain speed with an e6750, even though the setting appears rock solid stable and voltage is not yet high and temps appear to be fine. Around about that time I remember reading in an article how the exact same phenomina was happening in the same core stepping (G0) but a QX6850, where their scores sucked at a certain point, and when they pulled back a little they started getting temperature alarms.

It's just a theory, but I think a lot of this is happening because of temperatures and Intels Thermal Monitor, throttling the CPU or somehow crippling it once it hits a certain speed or temperature.

It would help if the sensors were more accurate or at least consistant. As it is, if you add 10 degrees to the reported temps in an effort to cover fudge factor, it puts a lot of us way over the limits we like to see.

Here's a shot of what I think is throttling, e2160 @ 3ghz Orthos load iirc, notice the temperature drops in a regular interval, and normally this is a flat line:


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