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Old June 15, 2009, 10:23 AM
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Default Rampage II Gene?

is it a good motherboard? I was thinking of using it in my main computer.

heres what I was thinking.
-Rampage II gene
-i7 920
-Gtx 295 Co-op
-corsair 750w
-Coolermaster Scout case

so would that be good? or will the evga X58 mATX board be better? or should I just go for a ATX board instead of an mATX board?

thanks in advance
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Old June 15, 2009, 10:43 AM
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My System Specs


The Rampage II Gene is an amazing little board. I would go with it any day if I wanted to go mATX. Have fun with it!
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Old June 15, 2009, 10:46 AM
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I actually just purchased a Rampage II Gene...should be getting here sometime between now and this time next week hopefully...

I have yet to read any (legitimate) reviews on it that find it to be a bad board...and I researched it quite extensively.
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Old June 15, 2009, 10:56 AM
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i love the Gene. great little board with no down side, you lose very little if anything at all from a full size ATX. the problem of memory clocked over 900MHz with 2x3GB kits that i found in my review of it here at HWC still exists. even with newer BIOS updates, i can not get DDR3-1800+ to run on this board. DDR3-1800 seems fine but anything over it just won't run stable. i have also only tested this with Elpida Hyper based modules so it may be a specific IC issue. so if you are going with the Gene, don't plan on running memory faster than that you and will be fine...but between you and me...anything over DDR3-1600 is pretty much a waste of money for a daily rig

the only other item on the list of not positive is the chipset cooling. without some sort of air flow, it will get hot. unstable hot? not likely...but hot none the less. this is the case with every single passively cooled X58 board i have reviewed though, so not something the Gene is only susceptible to. of course, with even the slightest bit of airflow over the chipset - even just from a stock Intel HS/F - temps should stay within check.

if you are wanting m-ATX, do not hesitate with the Gene if the layout and specs fit your needs. it is a great little board. i also don't have any experience with any other m-ATX X58 boards like the DFI so i couldn't compare one over the other. and asking for a recommendation about this board versus a yet to be released board like the EVGA is a waste of a question...you obviously can't get a truthful or useful answer if the board isn't even available.
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