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NightRain April 9, 2009 06:35 PM

Unstable i7 920 System
Hey guys, I built a new system back in January and it has been rock solid until 2 days ago when it began to randomly reboot with no warning or errors. I was doing random things like typing a word document, checking a webpage, etc and my system just began rebooting. No blue screen, no errors, nothing.

My system is a Intel i7 920, Asus P6T Deluxe with latest BIOS and OCZ 6GB Triple Channel 1333MHz DDR3 XMP memory. The other stuff is in my signature.

Anyway, I experience the same problems with rebooting when overclocked or running at stock speeds. It appears to happen more often when overclocked. I ran Memtest86 for 4 passes (7+ hours) with zero errors. If I am running my system overclocked the crashed seem more frequent. If I set everything to auto/default in the BIOS things seems more stable on the surface.

Overclocked like in my signature will result in an immediate reboot when starting Prime95 with the BLEND test. Restoring everything to default but settings AI overclocking to XMP #2 (7-7-7-20) profile and DRAM to 1333MHz will result in random reboots when running Prime95, usually after 1-2 minutes. Setting the AI Overclocking to AUTO and DRAM to 1333MHz will case much less infrequent reboots.

I've also tried using SiSoft Sandra and my system will pass any tests it has no problem with one exception. I've ran all benchmarks and it will never reboot on any of them when overclocked or not except the "Multicore Efficiency" test which will cause a reboot at 17% when overclocked like in my signature or even just with the AI Overclock set to XMP #2 profile like above. I haven't had it reboot on me with the AI Overclock set to Auto and DRAM left at 1333MHz.

I last ran Prime95 about a month ago and with my system overclocked nothing failed ater running it for over 4 hours. Now with my system at default/auto settings or everything at default/auto except the DRAM set to 1333MHz my system will have at least one of the 8 threads fail in the first minute with 3-5 additional ones failing in the next 1-2 minutes. But I've only had the system reboot once or twice in about 20 trys with everything default/auto and DRAM left at 1333MHz.

Based on what I see here I'm thinking I have a CPU issue but currently don't have another i7 to test with, what do you guys think? Any advice would be awesome. Of course I haven't ruled out the memory either, but since memtest86 passed I'm thinking it is fine.

tyreman April 9, 2009 06:46 PM

Hows the power supply.

NightRain April 9, 2009 06:54 PM


Originally Posted by tyreman (Post 176573)
Hows the power supply.

Power supply seems fine. It is a FSP 700W. According to my multimeter the +12V is at 12.04V - 12.10V. The 3.3V is at 3.17V - 3.21V, and the 5V is at 4.96V - 4.99V. Very little movement and very close to what they should be. Idle my system seems to draw about 280-300W while Prime95 is running that number is in the 410-425W range.

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