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mbolduc May 8, 2007 05:47 PM

GA-965P-DS3 .. is revision 3.3 important?

After reading all the good things people have to say about this mobo, I must admit I'm really tempted to get one for my new computer.

I went on Gigabyte web site and noticed they had these three revisions ... 1.2, 2.0 and 3.3. The reason I'm buying a 965 over 975 is obviously the price but it's also important my board fully supports Quad processors.

So my question is : Is it worth insisting in getting the 3.3 revision? Has anyone bought a GA-965P-DS3 online on Direct Canada.. if so, do they sell the revision 3.3 ??

Thanks all,

clickright May 12, 2007 10:04 PM

I'm not too sure what's new with revision 3.3, but if you bought the board from NCIX and price matched it with DC (they're the same company pretty much,) you could ask them what revision the board is before ordering. :biggrin:

Edit: it looks like revision 3.3 has a beefed up power delivery system :)

Delavan May 27, 2007 08:19 AM

From the Gigabyte's web site.

Rev.3.3 is "natively" supporting FSB1333Mhz (support for next series of C2Ds and Quad). Mine (rev.3.3) came with Bios F10.

pscout May 27, 2007 08:48 AM

the 3.3 also has a newer audio chip and marvel gigabit chip.

The power circuitry was also upgraded on the 3.3's (and maybe on the 2.0's?) for the quads.

I have several of the 3.3's and a rev 1. I am running a 6320 and several x3210's on them. The rev 1 has a 6600 on it. The 6320 is folding at 450 fsb on it so it is a pretty good oc'er, and a good price. The quads don't oc as well as the dc's but i am pretty happy with the x3210's on them.

The only downsides to it that i have run into are that it will not post with my crucial 800 memory, and the new marvel chip is a problem running under linux.

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