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Default SILVERSTONE -Grandia Series SST-GD07B Can Fit Tripple rad with some customizations

Just thought id put some info here for those looking into this case for HTPC purposes And if you were someone wondering about water cooling for a quieter build as i know finding a water cooling htpc case is down right neigh impossible atm.

When i was putting my HTPC gaming setup into this chassis i took some time to see about the fitment of a Triple Rad in the front 3 intakes.

If you were willing to get rid of the HDD/ROM tray you can fit a triple rad in this location The only stipulation here is aside from not using the Tray you need to remove the front panel USB2 and usb3 / audio header to fit the rad and potentially may have to trim the area to fit this.

On the plus side once you do that you can fit for instance a xspc RX360 thick rad into the front of the chassis which should be enough to cool a cpu and gpu quite well.

Their is also a dual 80mm fan area in the back with spacing that seems like it would fit the dual 80mm black ice rad for some even further cooling possibly adding enough extra combined radage for a SLI /Crossfire and cpu loop.

the side fans are too close to the mobo to do any rad support so they would be used to exhaust only.

Of course doing this means you would most likely need to secure a SSD to the side for HDD space but if your like me thats all you use for a drive in your htpc I just have a 240gb ssd for os and games all my media is on network storage anyways.

So there you are if you have been looking for water cooling options with internal rads this is a option with some slight modifications and removal of the front hdd/cdrom tray/droppin.

The chassis fits ATX boards such as the Intel DZ77GA-70K I have a SLI setup inside and it is fairly tight but its all working fine I expect watercooling would clean things up a bit since these cards are pretty big to begin with.

The bluetooth reads fine through the front steel door as well.

other than that their is alot of reviews on the chassis available but none tried to fit other fans or rads in place so i figured id share what i gathered. None of them also tried large motherboards either which is why i shared that part aswell. and also none of them fit SLI setups in it so im confirming the fitment of that also :P.

Remember you can not use a Dual or single Drive bay rez with this setup either because without the tray you cant put it in. Which is one of the reasons i havent done it yet i will have to buy a different res/pump setup.

you would want to go with something like a small inline ek rez/pump or maybe even a cpu block pump setup with a inline rez.

Its a nice stylish htpc box with some solid features for keeping kids out and what not with a key ect. my only complaint is no one builds these htpc chassis with a smidge extra room to comfortably fit these water components in without a fight and the chrome keyhole / lock in the front would have been sleeker black but you hardly even notice it really.

Good luck with your build and i hope this helps some people trying to decide on a chassis.
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