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Old September 15, 2013, 11:09 PM
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My System Specs

Default Calling on Lian-Li PC-A05 users & general modders...?

Hi guys,

Here's my situation: I've got a trusty unmodded Lian-Li PC-A05; specs are in my CP.

I'm doing a holdover upgrade to a M4A88T-M/USB3 and a Phenom II 940 (until Kaveri comes out) and was considering a new case.

I'm admittedly fairly happy with my current case; it's small, sleek and classy looking, which suits my current style. The only thing I'm worried about is thermals. The aluminum frame can get quite hot, and I learned that there are a few mods that I can do to improve the airflow and exhaust of the frame.

Unfortunately, my home (and personal comfort zone) is not conducive to modding; so most of those improvements would be through aftermarket parts or a metalwork shop.

Aftermarket parts would have to be shipped from the US (via frozencpu) and would end up costing more than a new case (I was looking at the N200 :)

Which leaves me with modding the case myself or buying a new case.

Long story short: The 'major' mod I'd like to do is the top panel for exhaust, similar to this mod: Case Mod Lian-Li PC-A05 Quick Mod - Assembled case PICS - bit-tech.net Forums

Recommendations or personal experiences are very appreciated. (How difficult/how much equipment needed to make cuts, or local GVRD places that do metal fab work like this)

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Old October 1, 2013, 07:45 AM
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My System Specs


A good quality 18v or electric drill with a decent quality bi-metal 4" or 4.25" hole saw would be the easiest way to cut 120mm fan holes. You could do two round holes in approximately 15 minutes with careful planning and preparation, or one if you want to also keep it relatively quiet. I think Lian Li mesh fan grills are relatively easy to find in Canada.

Just like this user, lots of masking tape is required to cover the inside and outside of the top panel and to use for marking up with a pencil. I'd also suggest getting a curved metal file to remove burrs and sharp edges, and some rubber case labs U-Channel from DazMode's store to cover them with stylish rubber(s). A t-square type ruler is also helpful here for precise measurements to cover OCD issues heh.

Basically you find the centre of the hole you wish to make and drill a small pilot hole there. This is where the arbor bit goes through. The arbor bit steadies the hole saw so it doesn't skate around the case and destroy it. Some hole saw kits come with arbor bits and pilot bits, some don't.

Do it from the inside if you can. 1/8 drill bits are good for removing rivets to disassemble cases, and you can use 6-32 screws to replace them, and for extra strength use nuts on the back side to re-inforce. These screws and nuts can be bought easily from Home Depot or Canadian Tire or Fastenal generally.

I agree with this user, cutting Lian Li aluminum with a Dremel is painfully slow and, well, painful. He did a great job (four years ago) but I would have used a hole saw to do rounded corners

MNPCtech's Youtube channel is a great place to look and get some pointers and procedural advice. I have subb'd and learned a bucket load in the last couple months.

Hope that helps. I just modded my N200 too.

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Old October 11, 2013, 03:22 PM
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My System Specs


Thanks for the reply!

Ironically enough, I may end up just repurposing the PC-A05 as a work computer with half of my older components (and little/no stress from games :p)

I had a look at MNPC's guides and think that it'll be a fantastic project for if/when I take it up again.
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