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Babrbarossa March 17, 2007 12:58 PM

Watercooling p180
I've been looking everywhere for a good material to fab my own platform to house my system with watercooling that would be easy to swap components on, but I haven't had any luck. So for now, I've decided to modify my p180 so that the radiator and fans (3X120) fit under the ceiling of the case.

I have all the tools necessary for cutting the hole neatly, but I am looking for a louvered grille to cover the hole with but am not having much luck with that either- The right sized metal ones are too heavy of a gauge so that cutting them would be too difficult, and the plastic ones are all white or brown, and I don't think black paint would cover them well enough. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas about a good cover to finish off the vent hole.

Also, the similar setups I've seen on other forums have placed the radiator under the fans (I assume with the fans sucking air through the rad and out the roof). I'm not sure why they did this as it is more effective if the fans are pushing air through- does anyone know of any problems with putting the fans under the rad? If that were ok, I might be fine with just some sort of molding around the edge of the hole and the bare rad showing through.

Patriote March 18, 2007 08:17 AM

I really don't think that having fans either to push or pull air though the rad will change anything. Some will says that pulling is better etc...

As for the "a louvered grille" Not sure to understand what your looking for ... A Rad grill to cover the holes ? I have a 3x120 AC.Ryan Rad grill that i bought some time ago for my PA120.3 and it wasn't build for Thermochill's rads... Only for regular 120x3 rads. If your interested into it, let me know!

b1lk1 March 18, 2007 09:22 AM

Pulling air through the rad is just as effective as pushing it through. There have been ALOT of tests showing that. You could use quiet low speed fans if you did a push pull arrangement with fans on both sides.

Babrbarossa March 19, 2007 05:05 AM

Thanks- I did read that pushing was better, and it made sense to me at the time- if you think about the gas law PV=nRT, warmer air has more volume so if warm air is being pulled from the radiator, there would be less air mass moved, while if cool air was being forced through, there would be a greater mass of air moved through the rad due to higher density which would have better cooling effect. But this is just theory, and in practice this effect may not spell a significant performance difference.

UPDATE: Go HERE to visit my new build log with some tips based on what I learned

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