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Default mATX Downsizing: From TJ08-E to SG10

Back when I first decided to try a mATX board, one of the incentives was that I could pair it with the (then) new Silverstone TJ08-E. And I wasn't disappointed. With a 2500k at 4.4Ghz, and four HDD's, while cycling through a GTX480, GTX580, and finally a Titan video card, everything stays quiet and cool, without taking up too much desktop space. Hell, the PSU fan doesn't even bother turning on during sustained prime95 burns.

But more recently, Silverstone finally got around to fixing the SG09's arse of a front panel, and called it the SG10. Got to looking at it, starting thinking that the even smaller size would be pretty cool, and it wasn't as though I really needed any expansion bays anyway... and then NCIX got one in stock, so I grabbed it.

The Highlights:

-Compared to TJ08-E, no sacrifice in temps (as seen on OCCT PSU test burn), just maybe a slight improvement in CPU temps (currently a tie, but I expect the fresh MX-2 paste to break in a degree or two within the next week). This is without bothering to fill the two 92/80mm intake fan slots or the 80mm exhaust slot.
-Generous exposure behind CPU socket, should give full access to most backplates, I expect.
-Mechanical HDD's are slightly quieter (probably because the sound can't travel right out the front intake like on the TJ08-E).
-Filters look a little more effective than TJ08-E's (still not as fine as the DEMC ones).
-Main 180mm fan gives off a little more wind turbulence. Despite being advertised as a 600rpm (low) fan, it actually reads at ~800rpm, which might be one reason for this. But it sounds smooth, no weird noises.
-Corsair H80 CPU cooler BARELY fits with the hoses above the unit, no other orientation works. Had to push pretty hard against the overhead fan grill as it was.
-The Corsair AX850 PSU's power plug is right near the edge of the unit, so the right-angle power plug impacts the 120mm fan on the case. I had to cut open the boot about half a cm to let it bend tighter.
-I honestly don't know how you're supposed to hold a pair of 3.5" HDD"s + four 2.5" drives at the same time. Not with custom cables, anyway.
-I also don't know what I would have done to accommodate a second video card and/or the optical drive. This is clearly a plot by Silverstone to get people to buy their short PSU cable kit.

(Excuse the crappy photography)

How about a second 3.5" HDD beside the one there? And a pair of stacked 2.5" HDD's below? There's no clearance for in-line SATA power connectors on the 2.5" drives, I barely made one work on the 3.5" drive. And as cramped as this looks, when the time came to get the panel on, I had a lot of cable flattening to do first.
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You can slide a piece of paper between the left edge of the mobo and the PSU, nothing thicker, which severely limits your cable routing options. Hence, all the cables up top where the optical drive would go. In hindsight, I'd chop the 80mm exhaust fan mount out entirely. There's no hot air in that location anyway. And it would massively increase the room available for routing cables.

The H80 cooler barely fits in this orientation. Sideways, it sticks out too far for the panel to close. With the water lines at the bottom, they hit the graphics card. Be warned.
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All that said, the case is working great. And without those pesky expansion bays, the case pulls off the "clean, understated" look even better. But if you want to put serious hardware into it, you'll have to put a little work into it - this case doesn't like it when you try to fix things later on. So for anyone else curious, I figured I'd throw up a few notes that a search engine might find.
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I just ordered one of these from ncix as well, though I'm going to be putting a noctua nhd14 in it. Switching from

(with 2x670 rather than 6990+6970) To a maximus iv gene and sticking it in the sg10 is going to save me a ton of space.
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