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genericllama April 22, 2013 08:15 AM

usb 3.0 internal/front - Bitfenix raider - quick question
I was looking into the Bitfenix Raider for a potential build (helping my father put a pc together), and i really like that it has 4 usb 3.0s ports on the front of the case. Most motherboards however only an internal connector for two usb 3.0 ports (at least of what I've looked at).

Assuming i were to get a mobo with the internal connector for two usb 3.0 ports, would that imply that all four front ports on the bitfenix raider will work (at the max speed of two usb 3.0 - like a usb hub)? or will that likely cause compatibility issues?

edit: looking into it, I've come to the conclusion that you cannot purchase a Y spliter for the internal connections. Looks like either two usb ports will just be off or may just have to solder up a homemade cable for testing purposes

KaptCrunch April 22, 2013 01:37 PM


man is see trouble coming for usb 2 is same connection that will fit an short out your usb 3 port

what are they thinking should be a different or keyed connection to prevent mistakes of mix up like firewire has a angle on one end if was me i'd paint frame usb ports brite yellow to mark them


supaflyx3 April 22, 2013 03:03 PM

The raider let's you plug in usb 2&3 to the case

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