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Feanor January 7, 2012 07:07 AM

Lian-Li A71F watercooling question
Hi everyone. I got tired of looking at my stacker 830 with a 120.3 hanging on the side (the way my girlfriend looks at my rig isn't helping either:whistle:) and finally bought myself a bigger case, the Lian-Li A71F. Was 150$ at ncix.com, and i just couldn't resist.:punk:

Now my question is, does anyone have this case watercooled? I spent a few hours searching for a build log on the net, and i just can't find pictures and clear explanation, just people projecting to install this and that. So i'm turning to the place i bought half my watercooling set-up, hardwarecanucks!

This is what i'm using right now, and everything is working beautifully:

Cpu loop (i7 970, currently running at 4300@1,424 vcore)

-Thermochill 120.3 thick rad
-6 coolermaster fans in push-pull (1500 rpm, can't remember the cfm)
-Apogee gtx cpu block
-MCP 350 pump

Idle temps are 25ish, intel burn test in the low-mid 60s (except for one core who's in the 70-71. Is this 7-8 degree difference normal by the way?)

GPU loop (cooling 3 gtx 460 768mb, running all at 910@1,087v)

-Swiftech MCP320 slim rad
-Three swiftech mcw60 in series
-MCP-355 pump
-Three noctua fans pushing air (1500-1600 rpm, also can't remember the cfm:doh:)

Idle temps are really close to room temp, 17-20 degrees C, while folding the first gpu is at 48, the two other are running at 50 degrees.

I run the two loops from a XSPC dual bay dual reservoir.

Now i'll have to fit all this in my new case, and i've got two other radiator i could use:

-Slim 120mm swiftech rad
-Black ice gtx240 thick rad
-plenty of fans to run them in any possible configuration

First question: Am i gonna see a (huge) difference from running my cpu with the thick 240mm instead of the 120.3? I bought this cpu to fold, and my overclock is limited by the cooling, so any drop in cooling performance will lower my ppd. Not good! Way To Fold

Second question: would i see a huge gpu temperatures increase if i were to run all in a single loop? I know with temps in the high 40s-low 50s i've got headroom, but i don't want to see them fold over 60c, as other area of the card could get quite hot, considering my blocks are now full cover ones.

I would like to have some proposition on what kind of loop order should get me the best temps (keep dual loops, put that rad before that block, etc.) and how i should fit them in the case. I almost sure i'm gonna have to buy a dremel before i start (i got experience in the watercooling department, but close to nothing in the modding one), and it seems that any modder without a dremel is no longer a modder:punk:!

And to finish, the least pieces i'm using, the bigger my for sale thread (and ultimately, my wallet) is gonna be!

On a side note, is 70A (TX850) enough for everything? It is currently running strong, but i don't want to blow anything (and if i have time to wait for a good 1000w to be on sale, that would be great!)

JD January 7, 2012 09:02 AM

This should give you some good ideas: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/...s-LianLi-A71FB

I would say keep it as dual loops if you can. You'll have lower temperatures and less restriction that way.

And the TX850 should be fine, but it's probably nearing it's limits with 3x GTX460 and an i7 970.

Feanor January 7, 2012 11:26 AM

Thanks for the link. That guy did a lot more than i want to, but gave me ideas for the top panel. 120.3 is gonna be on top and i must find a way to fit the 240 in the front.

For the loops, it will depend on space for tubing. I'll see this week when i get the case.

Any answer for the gtx240 vs 120.3 question?

enaberif January 7, 2012 12:45 PM

a71 is close to the a70 case and this is how i put a 2x120 rad into mine

Feanor January 7, 2012 08:54 PM

Is it a 280 rad or a 240 you fitted in the bottom?

Also, would it be possible to fit a 360 rad (thermochill 120.3, so a thick one) between the 5,25 bay and the mobo tray?

Feanor January 11, 2012 06:34 AM

Well i'll have to update this thread, as my power supply went up in smoke yesterday...

Got home only to smell something i was not recognizing, then start the rig and see some light and a cloud of smoke coming from the psu...

Guess i was wrong! RMA already approved by corsair, i'll see what they send me back.

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