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aristhrottle November 23, 2011 08:45 AM

Please recommend me a small case
I have a 650d and it's pretty cool but I feel that it is much too big for my needs. I am looking for the smallest case that can house all my components and provide adequate cooling.

I have a fairly modest build: 1 SSD, 2 HDDs, a 560 Ti Hawk, and a Venomous X CPU cooler. I don't mind getting an H80 if I have to for compatibility.

So far I've looked at the Silverstone TJ08-E and it seems like a good choice, but what are some other good cases?

ilya November 23, 2011 12:13 PM

There aren't many SFF cases other than Silverstone's offerings (TJ08/FT03) and the Antec P180mini(not that small) that can fit a full size tower cooler. Using an H80 might open up your options a little bit, but not by much. (not a lot of space for a thick rad mount)

Pabz0r545 November 23, 2011 01:24 PM

Are you looking for an mATX case or are you just looking for a smaller mid tower style case?

Haha I am just like you. I recently downgraded from the 650d to a smaller case as well. It was just too big for me.

KrUsHeR November 23, 2011 01:47 PM

I just built a small home file server using this case and was very pleased with it for the low price tag.

Coolermaster 343 Elite

Dragonstongue November 23, 2011 02:47 PM

coolermaster one that was mentioned, though from reviews I have seen, be careful of sharp edges :P
CM Elite 343, 342, 341 etc Chassis -> Mid Tower - Cooler Master this will show you a list, you may be able to go through and find one that you like the look of, and may be able to find reviews after you got a good look at some of them to narrow down your hunting.

another one, HAF912, is not huge, but not small either, and can handle its space well, BITFENIX Shinobi, NZXT M59, NZXT H2, NZXT Source 210, NZXT Tempest 410, NZXT makes tons of cases from large to small and they are all pretty good value/features/looks.

Then of course there is Silverstone, Lian Li, and mountain mods, they all excellent designs, of course you will be spending more, but they do tend to also have the best SFF styles cases going, Antec I belive has some nice SFF cube style ones as well.

I suppose it is hard to make recomend of a specific case that will work well for anyones needs, I have found its just better to point out some options, this can help you narrow it down to a few choices and you can then get the one that will fit YOUR needs this way.

I can understand you do not want a giant case by all means, but it is good to have the room for better cooling and such, 160mm of cpu cooler space, and 12inch gpu clearence at least, may not need that much room for your current setup, but I am sure at some point you "may" best of luck to you.

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