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Luay79 April 20, 2011 02:20 AM

Soldam Renaissance The new all aluminum Alcyon DX2200
I keep my eyes peeled for exotic and overseas pc components and parts such as the Hazro displays I posted last year. I found something very nice.

Soldam, a Japanese aluminum case manufacturer went out of business a while ago and then popped up out of no where. I'm glad they did just that after the plastic crap Silverstone has been throwing at us and the lack of anything new from Lian-LI. The prices are crazy but then so is their pursuit of perfection. This is their newest $400 full ATX case: Alcyon DX2200

If you're hell-bent on finding particular information that you can't figure out on your own from the pics then I'll gladly translate when I have the time. Next I'll be looking for Japanese pro and user reviews, but really if you know your cases, the pictures are worth all the words that can be said of it.

WiNDy Online > PCケース > ALCYON DX2200

Luay79 April 20, 2011 02:22 AM

WiNDy Online > PCケース
Their product line up.

Soultribunal April 20, 2011 09:28 AM

Okay I'll be honest.
I would buy that if it came here.
Though I don't like the PSU that Exposed, thats just me though.


lowfat April 20, 2011 09:54 AM

This case looks 100% identical to the DX2000 that they released in November. I also think it is rather ugly as well as haves the poorest cable management I have ever seen.

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