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My System Specs

Default UV Light placement

Currently I have dual 4" AC Ryan UV CCFLs in my case, along with dual Bitspower UV LEDs in the reservoir. One CCFL is up top between the 180mm fan and reservoir, the other is stuck to the bottom side of my DVD-RW, which does help to illuminate my GELID and the tubing under the 180mm fan.

However it's rather lacking in brightness compared to the area by the reservoir so I'm looking for ideas on how to get some more light there without the lights themselves being overly visible. I've tried putting a 4" CCFL on the other side of the 180mm top fan but it doesn't really have any effect since there's far too many things blocking it.

And well there's no space on the sides of the 180mm fan to stick anything either (though difficult to see in the picture), but the fan is basically the whole depth of the case.

So I need some ideas since I'm stumped. Doesn't matter if I need to buy more CCFLs or LEDs, since I don't have any extra now. But you'd have to be fairly sure it'll work And I don't want the lights to be super visible either since that just ruins the effect IMO.
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