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Default Antec - Case Mod

* My Antec Case mod:

I made a decision to mod this case when I had my first build in it.

The first system had soo many jumbled wires inside the case.

I attempted to remove a Sata Power cable from one of the drives when I accidentally got it caught on another cable, tilting the cable around the other cable busted the Sata Dock on the HDD.

*The Drive also happened to be the OS Drive.

It took 3 months to Receive a Replacement drive (Due to them / WD / sending me a 2.5 Bare drive instead of the Full drive with the Ice cooler attached) which would have require me to remove the Cooler to the New warranty drive from WD) Which would have voided the warranty and I would then have to pay for the drive instead of get a new one for Free. This left me without Computer for quite some time.

Before Pics:

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I decided I needed to MOD the Factory HDD Bays- To make them oriented so HDD cables are not inside the CPU and Memory area. Which allowed for Future Maintenance without cable concerns.

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Pioneer S08-Bluray Drive

Name:  cloud_machine_front_cover_panel_Pioneer_SO8_white7.jpg
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New Wiring (Snug Fit due to small Case)

Name:  cloud_machine_back_cover_panel.jpg
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*This Project took almost a year to complete from 2013.

I required x2 2.5 drives, preferably 2TB 9.5mm height for the Icy Dock, none where available on the market in a 2TB 9.5mm Height - Eventually Seagate released their Spinpoint M9T drives that could fit inside the Icy Dock Swap Bays.

The Pioneer Drive was Just released January 2014, Quiet drive and Hi Quality build.

As well WD recently released a 4TB black drive (Which Ive installed)

All drives are mounted on rubber shoes, that slide out and dampen vibrations.

System Build:

Windows 7 64 Bit Ultimate
Antec Case
NZXT 850 PSU (Fully Modular Cables)
Evga GTX 670 4GB
Vantage CPU Liquid COoler
Kingston Hyber X Memory @ 8GB
Asus Z77 Sabertooth *Tuff Series Motherboard
Intel Corei7 3770K @ 4.2GHZ
x2 Vipre 120mm Fans
Creative Titanium HD (Sound Card)
x2 120mm CPU Fans (Push Pull Config)
1TB Cruical M500 SSD
X2 2TB Seagate Spinpoint M9T HDD @ 2.5
Icy Dock 3.5 - x 2 2.5 Hot Swap Bay
4TB Western Digital Black (Backup & Games)
480GB Crucial M500 SSD PCIE Slot ( Boot Drive)

* Between this Build and the previous Build Comparison Notes:

* Main differences is wiring and removing Hardware more simpler and easier to adjust and remove. The new PSU is fully modular (New release) as the previous NZXT PSU was not.

* Going from a Asus Xonar DX to a Creative Titanium was an improvement in sound and GUI. The older ASUS GUI was messy and was too jumbled with a gimmicky interface, Creative as well features a simpler Windows Explorer folder menu to adjust basic audio and effects etc As well Creatives card did not require an extra power wire to the card thus reducing cable footprint inside the case, the Card also improved audio Playback, with a mellower acoustic sound.

*Gtx 670 from a GTX 460, Definatly an improvement in Heat inside the Case and Graphics capabilities, the 460 was scorching hot, that pumped hot air inside the case, the GTX 670 conveniently pushes it out the back.

* HDD - Western Digital Velociraptor was the fastest HDD of its time- It even was the fastest High Capacity. Although when it was working- you could hear it inside the case, and would vibrate the chassis when it was in use- Th Crucial 1TB ssd that replaced it makes no noise at all, no moving parts to prematurly fail from extended use, its zippy fast and does a decent job in speed and reliability.

OS drive is now installed inside a 3.5 t o2.5 Bay - If the Bays Sata connector is ever Busted, the OS drive can be pulled out and Re-installed in a new case. (Spare inside the Case as Backup)

* I also picked up an Extra 480GB Crucial M500 SSD - I have this drive installed in a PCI slot with OS Installed - It boots from the PCI-E in seconds - I use this as a clone / Backup OS Drive in case my Main OS Drive gets corrupted or ever Fails.

* BD Drive - Had an Generic BD drive from Pioneer - The standard Plastic Bezel did not match the Plastic cosmetics of the Case Very well, so The S08-BD drive has a faux plastic front Bezel that better matches the cases cosmetics- its also an audiophile drive with improved dust and noise filtration as well as Burning quality and Play back options and improvements

* The Asus Tuff Series Motheboards have a 5 Year Warranty. The MOBO comes with a plastic cover that protects the circuit board from Dust, as well the plastic cover helps push air over the motherboard more concentricly without peaks and dips on the surface of most motherboards.

* No cables inside the CPU and GPU bay Area.

* USB Sticks sit more Flush with Case (Moded USB port mounts)

*Shortened power cord - cable * 1FT Length.

  • *CPU 3770K vs Core i950 - Core 950 @ 3.6ghz Max OC
  • Core 3770K @ 4.2ghz OC
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