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Default Projeto Resident Evil (Umbrella Corporation )

Hello people.
My name is douglas alves, I'm from Brazil, sao paulo
I come here to share my 2nd project. which was based on Resident Evil (Umbrella Corporation).
As it was a very labor intensive project that took about 8 months to complete everything.
Remember that to be my 2nd did all the pieces all cut everything myself that fiz.usando micro rectifies saw tico and lots of lime and patience and dedication was.
I'll put all the photos, from beginning to end, I know some have seen but share here. Thank you.

Had the support of sponsorship from Thermaltake, Kingston HyperX, Tt Sport.
Cabinet is a cabinet thermaltake element v nvidia edition (vl200l1w2z).
configuration and cooling. and a small explanation of what was done and what parts have in the case.


PROCESSADOR= Processador Intel® Core I7 3770k 3.50ghz, 8mb, Ivy Bridge

MEMORIA = Memoria Hyper X Kingston Beast 16gb 2400mhz (4 X 4gb) Ddr3

PLACA DE VIDE-O = Evga Gtx760 2gb Acx Ddr5 02g-

SSD = 2 Ssd RAID 0, Kingston Sh103s3/240g Hyperx 3k 240gb CADA HUM.

FONTE= Fonte Thermaltake 850w Smart M Serie Modular 80+bronze Sp-8

enclosure = Thermaltake element v nvidia edition ( vl200l1w2z )
Fully modified , all hand made ​​by me with parts made ​​in acrylics etc. .

Cooler Controller Aerocool Touch 2100
Sleeve cable kit white vermelha.montados mesh .
1 24-pin
2 vga 6 pin pci ex
1 connector force near processor.
pump cables , cable leds and neon bar Sleeve

water cooler

= RADIATOR Radiator XSPC EX360 Crossflow color .
RESERVOIR = FrozenQ Liquid Extremepcmod V Series Reservoir 250mm w / Side Ports - UV Blue ( POM )
BOMB = Watercooler Pump Laing Thermotech D5t Ecocirc Strong/810n
WTAERBLOCK = EK Supreme LTX Waterblock Nickel CSQ ( Intel ) with blue leds
Hard acrylic tubing Primochill
8 Compression Holy PrimoChill rigid 3/8in ID x 1/2in-anodizado white
1 MOD P / Pump Koolance Laing D5 Acetal Multiport
XSPC 1 Extender C / Chrome Two Male Threads
1 Temperature Sensor Water D' XSPC red LED
Curve 1 / 45 ° elbow Ek Rotational Watercooler Rosca De quarter bitspower .
1 Enzotech 90 Degree Rotary Fitting Water Cooler Thread G1 / 4 .
1 Fluid Alphacool Ckc Kelvin Catcher ( Colorless ) already inside the toilet sitemas
8 fan12x12 Phobya nano - g14 silent waterprof painted ( white and red)
1 fan controller own cabinet top , controls 3 fans .
1 Flow Meter C / Two Red Threads ¼

* 2 T -virus green / blue . Resident Evil- hcg Case T -virus & Anti - Virus . Suitcase T -virus !
Full-scale replica of the T - Virus and Anti-Virus Resident Evil.Edção limited franchise . numbered .

1 gtx 760 backplate done in acrylic covered with carbon fiber and letters and Umbrella Corporation logo
1 motherboard backplate made ​​in white acrylic with black carbon fiber
5 pci cover red logo and name Thermaltake ( white ) .
1 cover the acrylic with biological source logo with carbon fiber white
1 the front cover made ​​of white acrylic with carbon fiber.
1 support finishing acrylic pump between the reservoir with white leds
* Part of the roof and the front was made ​​of acrylic and framed . made logo umbrella Corporation in the ceiling where it is

the 3 radiator fans .
* Logo Umbrella is the ceiling where the fans have 3 white LEDs .
* Front where is the hand with the blood effect and effect of etched glass and top with brancos.e led

* Parties with white carbon details and red ribbon fiber.
* Brings part of the motherboard cover made from cast acrylic with wires and every finish with carbon fiber

and red details .
* Support 2 T -virus made ​​of acrylic
* Support acrylic 2 working w / ssd doing the effect of the T- virus .
* Letters resident evil made ​​of acrylic with crystal trim and red carbon fiber .
* Logo Ttsport made ​​of acrylic finished crystal and red carbon fiber .
Thermaltake Tt * Logo Feite acrylic in 3 parts finished crystal and red carbon fiber and
white .
* Logo in red acrylic ModersBr Thermaltake .
* 3 pesinhos done in acrylic top with crystal red carbon fiber and white with red LEDs and
* 2 COLD CATHODE red underside of the umbrella logo on top of the roof .
* 1 green COLD CATHODE . 1 ssd and green T -virus .
* 1 Blue COLD CATHODE . 1 ssd and blue T -virus .

* 4 buttons on the back of the cabinet that turns on / off the LEDs . ( separate )

* Office painted matte white and some parts with white carbon fiber sticker .

* Window side cut his hand with excellent finishing and cutting acrylic crystal window.

a small test, only p / see if everything is working even more p / front make a decent over p / see how far you can reach.

Beginning to disassemble the cabinet

Here already beginning to disassemble the entire cabinet

After the cabinet disassembled, I modify the ceiling will be a cover of acrylic q will be direta.vai already part of the roof to the front edge of the cabinet ass.
I made a mold of how it will look.

Cover for power will be full acrylic and bent with heat gun equal to front and ceiling.

Try to make the cover of DESENHINHO source (toxic)

Part of the roof and front in one.

The cover ready, just waiting for the glue to dry

Now giving finishing only in the parts where he had to make folds with acrylic and plastic reinforcements with mass

Photo below is the cover of the front inside q is milky acrylic was molded too., By my choice will not need to use the bay w / hds, the cabinet itself has 2 removable bay, w / 3 hds then I use a q will stay under the cover of fonte.como below the pictures below.

As the theme is the RESIDENT EVIL, I will make the ceiling the logo of Umbrella Corporation.q goes underneath will be the fans.


as the p / see in the picture is the same cap was modeled q q is front and roof together.

As this case the roof is straight, just have the can q is the grid in front of the fans and just a plastic usb q is then cut at the very tip of the acrylic ceiling where I'll put that usb and alloy etc. buttons.

usb part already laid.

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My System Specs


wow. my jaw dropped on that one.
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Acrylic cut to the same size triple radiator

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As fotos a baixo, cortei um pedaço do chassis do gabinete e corte do acrílico p/ dar o fundo e acabamento.

As fotos abaixo é o acabamento da parte da frente do gabinete, depois de ter cortado algumas parte p/ dar encaixe ao acrílico.
Finalizado com acabamento de fibra de carbono branco e vermelho, coisa q deu muito trampo de fazer, pois essas curva ai não foi fácil.... mas gostei muito....

As fotos abaixo,dei uma organizadas no cabos, usb,som,power etc com sleevs.

Obs, nunca tinha feito nada com sleev,não ficou tão acabado.mas gostei..

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